Reason to Own A Dashcam

Dashcams are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. That’s because it is good to have a credible record of what happens in any given situation. In some situations, having a video recording device like a dashcam or GoPro can be invaluable. Here are a few good reasons to have one running in your ride.

Different accounts of what actually happened

In most cases, insurance companies do not lower insurance payments if a driver has an installed and working dashcam. However, insurance companies may be very interested in footage of an event that causes a vehicle loss or damage. Why? For this reason, it’s not unusual to have people involved in a vehicle accident give differing opinions of what actually happened. The first responders will also have their version of what they saw when they arrive at the scene after the accident. Many details can be ironed out without a dashcam. But sometimes, not all of them.

Dashboard Camera
Dashboard Camera | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto

Protects you from fraud

In the event that a driver did the right thing, but the story turns against them in the legal review, dashcam footage can put all arguments to rest. The court systems are interested in the truth. Dashcams provide the truth, not opinion. As a result, there’s a lot less opportunity for insurance fraud with the dashcam footage. It doesn’t take much searching on Youtube to find dashcam footage of a driver who stopped to let a pedestrian cross. Then that pedestrian ran to the car and threw themself on the hood of the vehicle. It’s not as unusual as you might think. Here’s another similar example.

Dashcams can help others

Maybe a driver is not involved in an incident. Instead, maybe they witnessed it. The dashcam footage can be used to aid in an investigation. How many times have people taken off from the scene of the accident without taking responsibility. It’s a good possibility that your dashcam recorded the license plate of the car that took off, if not the license plate, then at least more identifying information that will be useful to the police.

Also, a dashcam can help provide needed information on the teen’s driving ability. Say perhaps, the video shows the teen texting while driving. In this case, the dashcam can alert a parent to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. This could potentially save lives down the road. 

Dashcams can be the source of a good story

Friends often get together and tell stories. Some of them may be unbelievable. Take, for instance, the fellow that was driving the highway when an airplane decided to crash in front of him. Sound unbelievable? Well, check out this footage.

Records road trips

There is one final reason to have a dashcam. That is, road trips. Road trips give you a lot of great moments. Dashcams record them, and they can be played back as necessary to remind you of those great memories. Also, still-images can be pulled off the recordings and printed off for posterity. 

Owning a dashcam makes sense. There are too many benefits to having one to ignore them in the future. They make sure accident accounts sync up. Dashcams also protect you against fraud, can provide help to someone else, can provide proof that a good story is not made up and, can provide a record of great moments shared on road trips. Maybe it is time to shop for one if you haven’t already.