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The popularity of buying a dashcam is rising, and for a good reason. What does the word dashcam mean? If you’re not familiar with in-car technology, a dashcam is a dashboard camera. This small video recorder mounts either directly to the dashboard or, more often these days, to the front windshield. You may be used to seeing dashboard camera videos depicting road rage or crazy car accidents, but there are a lot of benefits to these gadgets—and not a single concrete downside.

Is a dashcam worth it?

Dash cam installed on a front windshield of a car looking out onto the road ahead. In-car cameras have a lot of benefits
A dash cam in-car camera | Michal Fludra/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Having a camera mounted on your dashboard or windshield can definitely be worth it, even just for personal enjoyment. It’s fun to be able to replay drives that you’ve taken, especially on a road trip or on a summer cruise along beautiful roadways. Dashcam apps make it even easier to access your footage and review video.

Types of dashboard cameras range from basic to high-tech. You could opt for a smart dashcam, which can record front and rear views at the same time. That type is also called a dual dashcam. You can install a dashboard or windshield-mounted camera yourself, but you could also pay someone to do it for you.

To the question of whether buying a dashcam is worth it, it’s hard to say no—but nothing is ever perfect.

Pros and cons of dashboard cameras

U.S. News lists several pros. One of the number one reasons to own a dashcam is the peace of mind of knowing you can review what’s happened around your car. It can help support insurance investigations if you ever submit a claim, challenge a ticket, assist in police investigations, or monitor the habits of teen drivers.

How much does a car camera cost? Dashboard camera costs vary based on model, brand, and style, but expect to pay around $100 for a good-quality model and a few hundred dollars for a more advanced dashcam model. However, the cost will likely be well worth it.

For the only con of owning and using a dashcam, read on.

Does a dashcam lower your insurance?

A person adjusts a dashcam that is mounted on the front windshield just below the rearview mirror. In-car cameras can help with insurance claims
In-car camera | Marius Becker/picture alliance via Getty Images

If there is a single downside to buying an in-car camera, it’s that simply having a dashcam won’t make your insurance cheaper. At this time, there aren’t dashcam discounts for car insurance, though I wonder if that may change in the future.

A dashboard camera may not lower your insurance premiums, but it could save you on insurance claims. If your dashcam movie can prove to the company that you weren’t at fault, you can avoid paying out of pocket for damages, and your premiums are less likely to increase. The footage could also help speed up the claims process.

The best dashcams to buy in 2022


Never Buy a Dashcam Without These Features

Earlier this year, MotorBiscuit detailed four of the best dashcams of 2022. These included: 

  • Thinkware F70
  • Nextbase 622GW
  • Garmin 57
  • Aukey DR02

Buying the best dashboard camera for your car may vary, so be sure to research dashcam reviews to see what will best suit your needs. Do you need an expensive model with GPS sensors? Or does your budget limit you to a cheaper model that offers more basic features? Buying a dashcam on Amazon is an easy way to compare multiple options at once.

So, to whether buying a dash cam is worth the cost, I’d have to say resoundingly, yes. And on that note, I’m off to Best Buy.