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Bonnie Pacheco

Bonnie is a contributing writer for Motorbiscuit. She is a content writer in New England who has been writing about cars since 2001.

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A car organizer could help declutter this SUV's messy cargo area

The 5 Best Car Organizers of 2022

Car organizers should be on your list of essential vehicle accessories, whether they're backseat organizers for your kids, cargo area organizers, or clever products that add additional storage.
A white vehicle involved in a car accident, crash, or collision with police in the background.

Are Collisions, Crashes, and Accidents the Same Thing?

You might think that there is no difference between vehicle collisions, crashes, and accidents. However, slightly different meanings of words can change things in a court of law. Although collisions and crashes are essentially the same thing, the word accident has another meaning.