A shopper looks at a silver Chevy car for lease at Stewart Chevrolet Cadillac in Colma, California, on Wednesday, January 30, 2013
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Does Leasing a Car Help Your Credit Score?

Car buying can be a pain. Though financing is the best option for most people, sometimes you need a car but don’t want to buy it. That’s where leasing comes in. You can choose to buy the vehicle after the lease ends (unless it’s a Tesla), or you can move on to something newer. But …

A trailer truck transporting cars being shipped.
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How Much Does Shipping a Car Actually Cost?

Maybe you’re in the midst of a cross-country move. Or, perhaps you’ve just purchased your absolute dream car but live too far away to pick it up yourself. In such cases, shipping a car could be your best option. But how much does shipping a car actually cost? Let’s find out. How does shipping a …

Close-up of the upper corner of a consumer credit report from the credit bureau Equifax, with text reading "Credit File" and "Personal Identification" on a light wooden surface on September 11, 2017
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Does Buying a Car Build Your Credit Score?

For most people, buying a car is a big deal. It takes time to save enough money for such a large expense. But car loans make it possible to purchase a vehicle without having to scrape together the entire amount. How does car financing work, what effect can it have on your credit score, and …

A customer inspects the window sticker of a 2011 Toyota Sienna at Fred Anderson Toyota in Raleigh, North Carolina
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The Dealer Destination Charge: Do You Have to Pay It?

Car buying can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to get the best price. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP, isn’t the final price you end up paying. There are usually several fees and additional costs like the dealer destination charge. Do you have to pay the destination charge, and what other fees can you …

A customer and a salesperson sit behind plastic COVID-19 barriers in a New Jersey Ford and Kia car dealer
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Why Have Some Dealerships Stopped Negotiating on Price?

Buying a car at a dealership has changed a lot since the pandemic struck last year. There are many dealerships that are now offering contact-less delivery of vehicles and are even signing the paperwork for them completely online. But one other aspect of the car-buying has changed as well: Negotiating the price. Now that the …

A multi-brand car dealer in Colma, California
Hybrids & Electrics

Are Car Dealers Even Ready To Sell You an Electric Vehicle?

With battery prices dropping and model selection increasing, it’s clear that EVs are becoming increasingly prevalent in the automotive marketplace. However, electric cars still have several obstacles left to overcome, such as a paucity of convenient charging stations. But the car dealers themselves may also be standing in the way. Not all car dealers are …

A CarMax sign on the front of a CarMax superstore on September 24, 2020, in Colma, California
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CarMax Will No Longer Sell New Vehicles, but the 24-Hour Test Drive Still Stands

After 27 years, America’s largest used-vehicle retailer, CarMax, recently announced it’s exiting the new-vehicle retail business. The Fortune 500 company is dumping its last two franchised dealerships, both Toyota, to specialize in used-car sales. The news comes after the auto retailer touted its new 24-hour test drives. Why did CarMax pivot after a quarter-century of …

View of car salesman showing vehicle to family
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5 Car Buying Myths That You Need to Forget About

Car dealerships and the whole car-buying experience have gotten a bad rap over the years and it’s no surprise considering there are so many myths that we’ve been led to believe. However, just like in any other business, not everything that we have all heard about dealerships and buying a car is true, but the …

A person doing car buying research on their laptop.
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Has the Pandemic Changed Car Buying Forever?

Buying a new car from a dealership hasn’t always been the easiest walk in the park. First, you have to find the car that you want, then you have to deal with a salesperson to get through the whole process. However, the one fortunate thing that the global pandemic has brought us is a new …

A visual of an auto loan, represented by a red toy Volkswagen bug parked on four ascending stacks of silver coins
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The Average Car Payment Makes Dave Ramsey Sick

For millions of Americans, auto loans have become givens in car buying. These loans are not only for new vehicles but also used ones. They include everything from subcompacts to SUVs and luxury cars. Auto loans cost most Americans more than 5 percent in interest. Personal money management guru Dave Ramsey suggests the expense is …

The outside of a CarMax dealership
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Carmax Is Now Allowing For 24-Hour Test Drives

We’ve all done it before. We’ve all bought a product, brought it home, decided it wasn’t for us, and then returned it the next day. After all, that’s what 30-day return policies are for, right? Well, not so much for cars, until now. Carmax is now doing 24-hour test drives to make sure that you …

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The Most Complained About Aspects of Leasing

If you’re looking to buy a new car, but want a low monthly payment with little-to-no money down, then leasing is probably the best way to go. However, there are some drawbacks to leasing a car and consumers typically have a few common complaints about the process. So here are the more common complaints about …

An olive green 2021 Kia Telluride driving down an empty road
Crossover & Midsize

Are Crossovers Girly?

Some men might shy away from certain crossovers because they seem a little girly. Whether we like it or not, there are cars, trucks, or SUV models that seem geared more toward one gender than another. For example, a big black Ram 1500 pickup truck definitely appeals to more masculine energies than a red Mini …

A dark-colored 1994 Daihatsu Charade GTI hatchback parked by a lake
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5 of the Worst Car Names in U.S. History

Looking back, there’ve been a host of new car introductions. There have also been some iconic vehicle names, many of which have incredible reputations. Classic titles like the Mustang, for example, send a message of unbridled power. Even Elon Musk’s Tesla brand signifies genius engineering. At the same time, the Model S moniker nods to …