a front view image of a red, white, and blue Honda Fireblade sport bike
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Is the 2021 Honda Fireblade Worth its Insanely High Price?

The Honda Fireblade has been the envy of the U.S. motorcycle market for a long time. Finally, this year we got the 2021 Honda Fireblade SP in American showrooms all over the country. But with a starting price tag of nearly $30 grand, some enthusiasts are bound to balk at its costly price tag. Is …

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The Aventon Pace 350 Proves Good E-Bikes Don’t Have To Be Expensive

The Aventon Pace 350 is a quality e-bike that offers not only a dependable riding experience but an affordable price tag as well. Interest in electric bicycles has exploded over the past few years. A popular option for urban commuters and those looking for a little help getting up hills, this motorized transportation mode is popping up in cities across …

eBike riding through the city
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Considerations You Should Make Before Buying an eBike

As eBikes continue to grow in popularity, you may be thinking about buying one. Electric bicycles are excellent transportation options for those with busy and active lifestyles. Today’s eBikes feature increased technology and elegant designs that are easier to use than ever.  The human-electric hybrid propulsion system is widely available and can provide a cost-efficient …

ebike riding through the city in Europe
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Lectric XP Is the Cinderella Story of Electronic Bikes

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for the next ‘big thing’ and right now, that’s e-Bikes. The only problem is that these bikes are costly. Most consumers might drool when they see someone riding down the street on an electric bike, but can’t afford to buy one. That’s where Lectric e-Bikes comes in. The fledgling company which was …

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The Legendary 2021 Honda Trail 125 Is an Off-Roading Monkey

If you look up video reviews for the Honda Grom and Monkey, you’ll likely see a few where the reviewer takes it on some light off-road trails. The mini-bikes always seem to ride just fine off the pavement, however, Honda just debuted a bike that is better suited for that kind of riding. Enter the …

electric bicycle riding in the city
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The Propella 7-Speed is a Great eBike for Less Than $2,000

Need a smaller bike while you work up to that moped or big, growling Harley? An eBike may be just what you need: it’s just like a regular bike except for the motor attached. There are many good eBikes on the market, but the best cheap eBike has to be the Propella 7-Speed. A flashy new eBike could be …

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How Do You Charge an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have become more popular in the past year and if you have been toying with the idea of buying one, then you have likely been doing your research. And while it’s easy to get caught up in all of the specs, features, and prices of the vast amount of electric bikes currently in …

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What is a BlackTea Moped?

When it comes to two-wheel motoring, a small-engine gas bike is a great way to start out, but what if you want something smaller to get you around town? Sure, there are great scooters like the Honda Ruckus and Monkey that will do the job just fine, but for those looking for a more eco-friendly …

Two Segway electric Dirt eBikes are side by side with a mountain backdrop.
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You’ll Never Guess What Segway Is Making Now

Mention the name Segway, and many people will have the image of the electric, standup personal transportation device on two wheels, a scooter of sorts. Many law enforcement agencies around the world have used the electric transporters, and they were also popularized in the Paul Blart Mall Cop movie series. But, last month, we covered how that electric …

a red BMW leaning deep into a chicane
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2020 Motorcycles: The Leading Liter Bike

When it comes to 2020 motorcycles, liter bikes are the most exciting. Each of these superbikes boasts a powerful 1 liter-displacing engine and trickle-down race technology. But we already know all of these sportbikes are fast. Which ones are the fastest and baddest of all? Here are the leading liter bikes of 2020. Everyone has …