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With gas prices on the rise, more people are turning to more efficient ways to get from here to there. So, bicycles are making a comeback, especially for those who live in metropolitan areas. Even more enticing these days are the e-bikes. They’re affordable, look fun, and are powered, making them peppy on the go.

When you outfit traditional bicycles with small motors, pedaling gets easier, and commutes get quicker. However, if you’re new to the e-bike phenomenon, there are a few things to know and a few recommendations for beginners. For example, the Koa Rev Fat-Tire e-bike is an ideal model for beginners. Here are the details about the Koa e-bike and other beginner-friendly tips to know before you venture out to buy an e-bike for yourself.

What is an e-bike, and do they really work?

A catalog photo of a Koa Rev 26" fat-fire e-bike model
Koa Rev 26″ fat-fire e-bike | Retrospec

The science behind the e-bike is pretty simple and not at all intimidating. It’s a regular bicycle. However, the e-bike outfits a small electric motor that kicks in when riders want to get a little more power without pedaling.

Riders can pedal normally whenever they like. However, that extra energy can come in handy climbing steep hills or riding into a strong headwind. So, if you get too tired, you can take a break and let the motor take over for a while. The average e-bike will use 400 watts, equating to .5 horsepower, permitting it to run about 40km/hour, according to Bicycle Universe.

An e-bike is not a scooter because it’s not going to go as fast, and technically, you’re still manually in control of the power. There are two ways to have an e-bike experience. You can buy a pre-built e-bike already outfitted with an electric motor or purchase an electric motor kit to affix to your traditional bicycle, transforming it into an e-bike.

What makes the Retrospec’s Koa Rev Fat-Tire e-bike great for beginners?

If you’re new to e-bikes, the Retrospec’s Koa Rev Fat-Tire e-bike is a great beginner option. Men’s Journal offers a review of this e-bike and says it’s about “as versatile as it gets.” Its rear-hub motor cranks out 750 watts, allowing the e-bike to hit top speeds of 20 mph. There are six pedal-assisted levels and a super-responsive throttle for when you don’t want to pedal. You can cruise up to 48 miles on the 48-volt lithium-ion battery, too.

Elsewhere, the four-inch fat tires are incredible for riding through any terrain, including sand, grass, and dirt, making it great for first-time e-bikers. It’s great for added stability, too, if you’re unsure of yourself when learning to ride. Retrospec calls it the “Do-It-All” electric bike that’s engineered for comfort and stability. It’s also pretty affordable (at least for an e-bike) since you can buy one for $1,699.99.

For city dwellers, the Koa Rev is also a great choice when precision steering matters through congested areas. Additionally, if you need to go a little off-pavement, your fat tires will allow you to do so. It has super-responsive JAX Mechanical disc brakes, meaning you can stop on a dime. It’s an e-bike “built like a tank” with all the agility and lightweight features beginners will appreciate.

Other things first-time e-bike riders should know

There are a few other things beginner e-bikers should know before buying a new model to try yourself. For example, there are four different types of e-bikes: street bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and pedicabs or tricycles. To know what type makes the most sense for you, consider the type of biking you plan to do most. Some models are not “legal” on traditional bike paths, so make sure you know your municipalities regulations before you buy.

An e-bike will need to charge. Most models can take about two hours to fully recharge. New e-bikers might be attracted to those models that offer recharge pedaling but be mindful. You can only recharge the battery while pedaling if you’re pedaling faster than the motor can go, which can be pretty hard to achieve.

E-bikes are definitely a solution for many looking to avoid paying for gas at the pump. If you’re a beginner, these tips and the Koa Rev fat-tire e-bike can be great confidence builders.


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