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Currently, Tesla is the most desired brand in the U.S., according to several surveys for things like that. So it sort of makes sense that if there is that much interest and awareness of the Tesla brand, anything else it chooses to make besides EVs has a good shot at selling well. That’s where this e-bike Tesla revealed several years ago comes into play. 

A recent survey done by eBikes concludes that e-bike enthusiasts want Tesla to manufacture an e-bike. More specifically, the one you see here. At least men want Tesla to make it, as women taking the survey chose Tiffany & Co. 

What features does the Tesla e-bike have?

Tesla Model B e-bike concepts in studio publicity shot
Tesla Model B e-bike concept | Tesla

With Tesla already well-known for its EVs, an electric bicycle seems like a no-brainer. And expanding on current e-bike technology, the company could add and improve upon anything being made today. And going one step further, the survey concludes that buyers would pony up $2,254 for one. 

Designing and manufacturing e-bikes from prestige automakers is nothing new. Porsche has done several, as has BMW. Even Ferrari co-designed a bicycle with Bianchi in 2020. Rivian is supposedly developing an e-bike right now.

Tesla is currently developing an e-bike concept, but not the one above. This Tesla e-bike concept was shown at the end of 2020. Featuring such Tesla-like tech as electronic steering, autopilot, and a new take on suspensions, it is wild on several fronts. 

Did Tesla design this e-bike?

The e-bike designer is Kendall Toerner, in partnership with Tesla. Most of these technology-infused features are only conceptual. It suggests the use of LIDAR sensors, which would alert riders of hazardous objects or vehicles. And being Tesla, the autopilot would be part of the package to help riders avoid impacts and accidents. 

“The bike has full autonomy to get the user out of harm’s way or guide them effortlessly to their destination,” Toemer told Ebiketips. Steering is done by putting pressure on one handlebar or the other. So rider input is still required, while the fork shaft is independently powered. 

What are the e-bike’s specifications?

Tesla Model B e-bike concept rear view
Tesla Model B e-bike concept | Tesla

It features dual motors hiding in each wheel hub. There is also a built-in console for navigation displays. The numbers Tesla is shooting for are an 850 kW motor(s), under three hours of charging time, 25 mph capability, and an 80-volt battery. 

Tesla already has engineers to develop and manufacture to produce an e-bike. So some of the tougher hurdles in making one already exist. And brand recognition goes without saying. Plus, Tesla CEO Musk himself has expressed interest in getting into the e-bike business, unlike his pronouncements against making motorcycles. 

While the company is plenty busy with revising existing models and getting the Cybertruck up and running, an e-bike would fit almost seamlessly into Tesla’s electric future. 


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