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Tesla has no shortage of ideas on hand for electric vehicle inventions. The Tesla Cyberquad was actually announced back in 2019 alongside the Cybertruck announcement, but it slipped under the radar. It seems the Cyberquad is an electric ATV that might be appearing soon. What else did Tesla reveal in the patent application?

Is the Tesla Cyberquad real?

The Tesla Cyberquad next to a Cybertruck
The Tesla Cyberquad is an electric ATV for the Cybertruck | HyperChange via YouTube

According to the official patent application, the Tesla Cyberquad has a few uses. The CYBERQUAD™ trademark covers “all-terrain vehicles; land vehicles; electric vehicles, namely, all-terrain vehicles, automobiles, and trucks; trucks; and structural parts.” In another area, it also covers clothing with the Cyberquad name on it.

None of this is unusual for the electric vehicle brand, except that a quad or ATV is a little out of the ordinary. When Tesla first announced the electric quad, Elon Musk used it to show the payload capacity of the Cybertruck on stage.

The quad will accompany the Cybertruck to some degree, according to Musk. However, the chatter fell off after the 2019 announcement. However, Tesla just filed this new patent on Sep. 27. Is Tesla getting ready to kick off the Cyberquad again?

Tesla Cyberquad production might be tied to Cybertruck production

Tesla has been hard at work trying to get all of the new Gigafactories up and running. One of those factories will produce the Cybertruck. A few months back, Musk noted that the Cybertruck wouldn’t be rolling out of the factory for a bit. Many factories have slowed down production processes across the board, and the futuristic truck is another victim.

However, Musk hopes Cybertruck production will start ramping up in 2022. Is there a possibility that the Cyberquad production is going to ramp up alongside it? Never say never with this company.

In a tweet from Musk back on Nov. 22, 2019, he responded to someone saying the “Tesla 2 person electric ATV will come at first as an option for Cybertruck.” Thus far, no Cybertruck reservation holders have noted this as an option. Musk has not commented much on the specs of the electric ATV either. It would make sense to have a smaller vehicle that could accompany the truck on off-road adventures.

The Do-It-Yourself version and the Hot Wheels version

According to an article by Electrek, people decided the Cyberquad production was taking too long. YouTube is full of people who made a Cyberquad at home using the basic idea. Electrek says it is a “Yamaha Raptor ATV converted to electric with a Zero Motorcycle powertrain.”

In addition to that, Hot Wheels decided to create a 1:10 scale version of both vehicles. The Hot Wheels Cybertruck comes with its own little Cyberquad and a realistic controller.

Don’t place any bets on when the Tesla Cyberquad and Cybertruck will actually hit the streets, but it might eventually show up. Who knows these days.


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