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Since the pandemic started last year, the U.S. has seen a large increase in electric bikes sales. In fact, Forbes posted a 23% increase in e-bike sales in 2020 as compared to 2019 and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down any time soon. However, electric bikes aren’t only popular because they’re a growing fad, in actuality, they can serve a greater purpose in your everyday life. In case you don’t believe it, here are five reasons that riding an electric bike is great for your personal health and the environment.

1. You’ll get more exercise on an electric bike

A line of white and black Serial 1 ebikes under a tent
Serial 1 ebikes front 3/4 | Matthew Skwarczek, MotorBiscuit

While electric bikes provide some type of power assistance that can get you going faster than you can ever pedal without it, you’ll still get a good amount of exercise by riding one. The New York Times reported that although e-bikes provided a powered means of transportation, studies have shown that e-cycling riders still benefit from elevated breathing and heart rates, which leads to more  “meaningful workout.” On top of that, you’ll get to wherever you’re going much quicker than you would on a non-powered bicycle.

2. Electric bikes cost less than cars

The side view of a black Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED ebike in a parking lot
Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED ebike side view | Matthew Skwarczek, MotorBiscuit

If you’re shopping for an electric bike, then you’ll notice that the prices for them can vary. Many of them can cost from $500 to $1,000 on the lower end, while higher-priced ones can set you back $2,000 to $3,000. That’s a lot of money to spend, especially on a bike, but it’s still cheaper than most used cars on the market today.

Also, consider that paying $2,000 upfront is a cost that you’ll only have to pay once and the bike will pay for itself after only a few months of use as compared to a car. Sustainability Times also notes that electric bikes don’t require the rider to pay for registration costs or insurance for it either.

3. Electric bikes are more versatile than cars

A matte-black 2021 Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro
2021 Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro | Giant

Another advantage to riding an electric bike, as opposed to commuting in a car, is that they are far more versatile for your everyday commute. If you work or reside in a city environment, for example, you can get around a lot easier on a bike than you would in a car. Also, you won’t need to worry about parking it. However, a good bike lock is recommended.

4. Electric bikes minimize greenhouse gasses

Ariel Rider Rideal e-bike
Ariel Rider Rideal e-bike

This one shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, however, studies have shown that riding an electric bike can reduce your carbon footprint. According to the European Cyclists Federation, electric bikes are even better than electric cars when it comes to carbon emissions. They create 2.5 to 5 grams of carbon dioxide as compared to 150 grams per mile in an electric car, and if you compare them to gas-powered cars, there’s an even larger disparity.

5. Electric bikes are fun to ride

An Uber Eats delivery person rides a bicycle on August 20, 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany.
FRANKFURT, GERMANY – AUGUST 20: An Uber Eats delivery person rides a bicycle on August 20, 2021, in Frankfurt, Germany. | (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

Lastly, riding an electric bike can be a lot of fun. Some of them can reach speeds up to 28 mph, so if you’re the type that feels the need for speed, an e-bike can help with that. However, if you want something slower, then you can opt for a lower-end bike, or perhaps, pedal at a slower rate.

Electric bicycles can improve your health and your commute

Electric bicycles can greatly improve your health and commute if ridden on a daily basis, but they are also great for the environment. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your commute or just want to add a little more exercise into your life, then an electric bike is always a great option.  


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