A folded and unfolded black Swagtron EB5 Pro Electric Bicycle
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The Best Tight-Space Electric Bicycle for under $500 Weighs Only 37 Lbs

People are not as comfortable riding on crowded busses, trains, or carpooling due to the global health crisis. So, many people are finding that the electric bicycle is a great commuting alternative. But, some of the electric bikes are bulky, large, and heavy. However, there is one better suited for the commuter that is affordable …

electric bicycle driving down a country road
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Simon Cowell Eyes Potential Lawsuit Against Electric Bicycle Maker

Simon Cowell is a name that many associate with television shows such as American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and X-Factor. As a successful television personality, entertainment manager, and recording industry executive, he has been able to enjoy some of the finer things in life. So, it is no surprise that he has been seen around in …

A tourist in an RV with bicycle racks approaches the small town of Chimayo, New Mexico
Marine & RVs

These Electric Bicycles Are the Perfect RV Companion Tool

Many people enjoy taking an RV to a scenic spot in the great outdoors or a campground or RV resort. But, some people that enjoy RV life also have knee concerns. So, walking can be a literal pain when attempting to go back and forth to the clubhouse or general store. In those situations, a …

The Harley-Davidson Serial 1 e-bike in front of the Serial One motorcycle
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Harley-Davidson’s First E-Bike Has a Historic Name

As turbulent as the last few months and years have been for Harley-Davidson, some of the company’s long-term plans are starting to come to life. For example, the long-teased Pan America adventure bike is coming in 2021. But there’s one more product that’s about to hit the road: an e-bike. It’s called the Harley-Davidson Serial …

red Trek Domane+ LT 9
Hybrids & Electrics

Is There Any Way This $12,000 Electric Bike Is Worth It?

Cycling has become popular in recent years. Some prefer the physical workout, while others use their two-wheelers as environmentally friendly transportation around the city. There are bicycle renting stations in most major cities, just for this purpose. And if you’re browsing to buy a new bike for yourself, the market has a dizzying array of …

The Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle in motion
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Lamborghini Goes Too Old-School, Unveils Bicycle

Lamborghini is a brand known for performance cars. But, did you know that the company is also involved in other projects? The automaker has also been involved with tractors and boats. It does not end there. For something a little more affordable, Lamborghini has also ventured into bicycles. Oddly though, the bicycles are old school …

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Is it Worth it to Buy a Cheap E-Bike Priced Under $500?

When it comes to affordable two-wheeled transportation, it’s hard to beat an electric bicycle. The market has been saturated with a bevy e-bikes to choose from these days and what makes it even harder are the price points that a lot of them are being marketed at. For example, if you’re looking for one that …

A tan-framed Peugeot eT01 Crossover FS e-bike
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Will the US Get Peugeot’s E-Bikes Before Its Cars?

More and more vehicle manufacturers are getting into electric bicycles. Jeep’s partnered with one e-bike company. And for motorcycle brands Ducati and Triumph, it’s less than they’re offering bicycles so much as getting back into them. But there’s another brand, trying to return to the US, that’s also expanding its e-bike lineup: Peugeot. Peugeot’s newest …

Two Segway electric Dirt eBikes are side by side with a mountain backdrop.
Hybrids & Electrics

You’ll Never Guess What Segway Is Making Now

Mention the name Segway, and many people will have the image of the electric, standup personal transportation device on two wheels, a scooter of sorts. Many law enforcement agencies around the world have used the electric transporters, and they were also popularized in the Paul Blart Mall Cop movie series. But, last month, we covered how that electric …

The Triumph E-Trekker GT stands alone before a concrete wall
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Did You Know That Triumph Makes Electric Bicycles?

Many may recall the name Triumph from the past. Although the British manufacturer of small sportscars stopped selling its cars decades ago in the United States, the Triumph name has also been used in conjunction with Motorcycles. Just recently, however, Triumph branched out and included electric bicycles to its product portfolio. Bicycles and Sewing machines? …

White-and-yellow Greyp G6 electric mountain bike on top of a snowy mountain facing the sunrise
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The Electric Mountain Bike Developed By a Supercar Maker

Just like Jeep has done, there’s another automaker introducing bicycles. Though admittedly, Jeep’s electric mountain bike is based on an existing design. The electric mountain bike released by Croatian firm Greyp, though, is entirely its own design. One that was created in part with the help of another Croatian company: electric supercar maker Rimac. How …

Gunmetal gray Beeline Moto mounted on Triumph Bonneville T120's handlebars
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Beeline Gives Any Bike Cheap GPS Navigation

While built-in navigation is quickly becoming common in cars, very few motorcycles offer it. Those that do are typically expensive long-distance touring bikes, which are designed to tackle extended rides. But even if you only stick to known roads, having a helpful guide home isn’t a bad idea. Plus, Rebelle Rally and similar situations aside, …

Cyclist memorial New York City
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Drivers Slaughter More Cyclists Than They Have in 30 Years

Modern vehicles are ostensibly getting safer every year. More and more cars, SUVs, and trucks have advanced driver-assistance features like emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and so on. This has culminated in 2019 being the third straight year of decreasing traffic deaths. However, there are signs that our current crash and safety standards have fallen dangerously …

Electric Jeep mountain bike
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The First Electric Jeep Only Has a 40-Mile Range

Even before it unveiled the plug-in hybrid Wrangler, Jeep was already planning on going electric. Naturally, we assumed the first electric Jeep would be a car or SUV. However, modern mobility doesn’t only involve cars. And, as Fox has proven with its shocks, automotive off-road tech also works with other forms of transportation. Although electric …