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Sophia Funk

Sophia Funk is a contributing writer for Endgame360. She started writing content for MotorBiscuit in 2021 but has covered the automotive industry for several years and is a self-proclaimed BMW enthusiast. She has a lifetime of familiarity with the brand and grew up in an automotive household rich in mechanical expertise about a variety of automakers. In fact, as a child, she tinkered with a number of British models with her brother as well.

Sophia matches her automotive expertise with a thorough writing background, as she has 20 years of experience teaching journalism and media. Besides following BMW, she has a particular interest in European models but also stays up to date with the latest EV news and trends with domestic automakers as well.

Sophia earned her master’s degree in English from Florida International University. During her time in graduate school, she was a member of the local chapter of the Graduate English Association. Among others, she admires the writing of Roundel Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Satch Carlson.