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The popularity of electric vehicles has steadily increased over the years, and more automakers have joined the EV market. With many manufacturers and models available, drivers new to EVs may be wondering just what it’s like to own an EV. One popular car at the top of many driver’s lists is the Model Y, according to Inside EVs. Here’s the breakdown of what to expect when you own a Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y specifications and features

A Tesla Model Y parked outside a Tesla Gigafactory in the Berlin-Brandenburg area
A Tesla Model Y parked outside a Tesla Gigafactory | Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Tesla Model Y is a crossover utility vehicle or CUV. It’s mid-sized, fully electric, and has a sleek profile, common with Tesla’s design strategy. Even though other makes like Subaru may come to mind for a more conventional crossover style, the Model Y definitely fits the bill. The Model Y has all the great attributes of a crossover, like an easy-open rear hatch and ample cargo and cabin space with seating for up to five, but with the sleek sophistication Tesla brings.

According to Tesla, an all-wheel drive dual-motor powers the Model Y. Owners can expect an EPA estimated range of about 303 miles on a full charge and a top speed of about 155 mph.

As far as technology, the Model Y is brimming with it. It comes standard with Tesla’s driver assistance features like Autopilot, 360-degree cameras, and ultrasonic sensors that work to anticipate a collision and brake in the event of an obstacle. In addition, the Model Y can also park itself and navigate out of tight areas or garages. A large 15-inch touchscreen display controls the car’s features and displays battery range and other stats inside. Tesla also periodically releases software updates and improvements over the air for all its cars, including the Model Y. Other features include a huge glass moonroof over the cabin and folding rear seats for extra cargo space.

What it’s like to own a Tesla Model Y

Overwhelmingly, the reviews of the Model Y after one year of ownership were glaringly positive, according to InsideEVs. One driver who shared his experience of his Model Y being a daily driver only had a handful of quirks and annoyances with the car.

Some of the perks are that since the Model Y is a full EV, you never have to head to the gas station for a fill-up. You hop in your car every morning with a full charge and go. That is, as long as you have a home charger. For larger metropolitan areas like LA or if you live in an apartment, it’s fine to go without your own charger at home because of the proliferation of Tesla charging stations. However, if you live in an area far from these charging stations, it’s obviously a concern if you’re looking for a quick charge.

Owners can charge the Model Y without the optional home charger, though. You can plug the car in using a standard wall outlet at home. However, because the voltage on a standard wall outlet is lower than the home charger (120 Volts compared to 240 Volts), it will take several hours to achieve a full charge. This can be a hassle for those who procrastinate charging or forget to plug the car in when they get home.

Some of the benefits of owning the Model Y are the big cargo area which can serve as a sleeping area once you fold down the seats, according to InsideEVs. The car is fun and takes the strife out of daily commutes, even with lots of traffic.

What makes the Model Y and other Teslas cool is the way that that new car feeling doesn’t wear off, InsideEVs says. This is due partly to the over-the-air software updates and improvements, which keep ownership fun and rewarding.

Other Tesla models to consider

Although slightly smaller than the Model Y, the Tesla Model 3 ranks high among driver satisfaction. One high point is the Model 3’s easy charging. Owners with credits can recharge for free at some of Tesla’s Supercharging stations. The car can also be recharged using solar power.

Elsewhere, if cost isn’t a factor, the Tesla Model X is rated among the best luxury SUVs. It’s got a longer range on a full charge and some impressive performance stats with trim upgrades making it a great overall package for the money.


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