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Riding a bike is good for your health, but many bikers find themselves getting injured after crashing into car doors while cruising through the city. Because of the high rate of accidents due to this, Volvo is doing something about it. The Swedish automaker will now include a door-opening alert designed to prevent this from happening on the upcoming EX30 EV, and other automakers are also using it.

The Volvo EX30 will have some cool new safety features

A door-opening alert may not seem like a big deal, but it can save lives for those living in cities or areas with a lot of bike traffic. According to Inside EVs, Volvo stated a fifth of reported bike accidents in cities is due to someone throwing open a car door as bicycles race past. Volvo also pointed out that further research from Cycling U.K. reveals that 60 people are either seriously injured or killed in the U.K. each year from similar incidents. The door opener assist system, now included in the all-electric Volvo EX30, is expected to help reduce this number.

The feature works by alerting the passenger that a bicycle is passing by. Sensors located in the bumper detect approaching bikes, and then an alert is sent through the use of audio or visual cues. In many cases, a light comes on the car’s side mirror or interior door panel. This can work even if the vehicle is parked.

The EX30 safety features don’t stop there. It will include a driver alert system that can detect eye and face movements up to 13 times per second. This will help detect drivers who are drowsy or distracted as they drive to their destination and get their attention. Other safety features include a new intersection auto brake and a new chassis and safety cage that will help protect passengers in the event of a wreck.

Other automakers are including door-opener alarms

Volvo isn’t the only automaker using door opener tech alerts. Hyundai has begun including a variation of this, calling it Safe Exit Assist. It’s available on the Santa Fe and 2023 Palisade. You won’t be able to access this safety feature on the base trim, so you’ll have to opt for the SEL trim or higher to get it.

Safe Exit Assist is being marketed as preventing accidents as other vehicles pass by, but it will also work for bikes. Europe has changed its safety standards to include this, which is why Hyundai has begun to add Safe Exit Assist. Australia is also leading the way toward pushing this latest tech.

Safety experts are urging all automakers to include this tech

Drive reports the independent Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is now pushing for more automakers to add this tech to their vehicles. Including this will help automakers gain extra points toward that coveted five-star safety status. 

To get the extra points, the driver exit warning must alert passengers by giving a visual or audio cue or preventing the passenger from exiting the car until the biker has passed. This is known as ‘retention’ and is required before an automaker can receive full points. The door exit warning must also remain in effect for a full minute after parking the vehicle.

At this time, the NHTSA and IIHS have not recommended this. With that being said, this is a simple fix that could save lives, so it will hopefully be included in future recommendations in the future.

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