A dark grey Mazda3 driving on a highway in a mountainous area.
2021 Mazda3 | Mazda USA

The model comes as a compact sedan or hatchback and is a great option for teen drivers or college students looking for a daily driver. It can also be great for small families wanting a little more out of their vehicle for a great price. The model is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, sleek exterior design, and standard features. The car comes with many standard safety features and technological advancements that rivals that of certain Mercedes cars as far as luxury goes.

The model comes as an AWD and even has a Turbo version with surprising specifications. It can weave in and out of small spaces with an excellent turning radius. Its compact design allows it to fit into tight places that larger cars may have difficulty with. The model is an excellent value that is great for any walk of life, whether you are looking for that first car or a more luxurious option for a growing family.

About Mazda

  • 2021 Mazda3 (Starting MSRP: $20,650)
  • Pro: The exterior has a sleek and sporty design with luxurious amenities inside. 
  • Con: The interior can be cramped for taller passengers due to its compact design. 
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