The 2021 Mazda3 Continues to Be Just as Luxurious as the Mercedes CLA

Mazda has a stranger niche within the car community. On the one hand, the Japanese carmaker is often labeled as a luxury vehicle, and for a good reason. Mazda has a grueling technique for making sure that all of its offerings are ready. On the other side, many view its smaller price tag than other luxury vehicles as a hindrance to the label. In actuality, it often lies somewhere in the middle. The 2021 Mazda3 helps explain this trend. 

The Mazda3 is affordable luxury

Mazda CEO Masahiro Moro spoke with Auto Guide in 2019 about the company’s growing reputation. While many try to label Mazda as a luxury vehicle, Moro doesn’t see it like that. He sees them as something wholly unique. Yes, it draws from other luxury standards, but Mazda aims to give customers a bang for their buck at a much smaller price point. 

“There are a number of different premiums, right? The German premiums, Japanese premiums, American premiums, super-premiums, there are many different territories,” explained Moro. “But we try to keep our unique position. [We want Mazda] to always be unique to the mainstream.”

Moro thinks that consumers are taking notice of the lengths the company goes. 

“Yeah, I think the customers right now are finding Mazda as a very good, smart alternative to other premium brand(s),” said Moro.

“I think probably our approach to, for example, internal combustion engine design, everything is pretty unique compared to mainstream,” said Moro, mentioning the company’s commitment to giving a luxurious vehicle for a fraction of the price. Whatever the reason, it’s working. Mazda has a soft spot in the hearts of consumers around the world. 

While the luxury vehicle world is duking it out and trying to prove that bigger and more expensive is better, Mazda, whether it is a luxury carmaker or not, is merely trying to show that some of these joyful additions do not need bells and whistles. All they need is a reliable brand, a little bit of money, and a willingness to go for something truly unique. 

Learning from the past

While some might look at the price tag of cars like the Mazda3 and assume that it is a worse version of more overtly luxurious vehicles like a Mercedes-Benz CLA, this has not been the case. Many were disappointed by the 2020 Mercedes CLA and happy with that year’s Mazda3. From the beautiful interior to the quality of everything in its build, the company hit it out of the park with the 2020 model. 

Many might expect the cheaper Mazda3 to provide a bumpier ride, but this was not the case. However, while all of the features might give it an edge in a world where both the Mazda3 and the CLA were the same prices, the $15,000 difference between it and the more expensive CLA make it a no-brainer. But that was last year. Can Mazda recreate that magic in 2021? 

The Mazda3 moving forward


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According to InsideHook, Mazda has continued its recent trend of providing luxurious vehicles for a fraction of its competitor’s cost. While the car might lack the power of some of its competitors, the average consumer will love its smooth transition from idle to 60 mph. Furthermore, at just $30,000, it provides people with an attractive option. 

250 hp, a 320-lb torque, and an infotainment system help make everything as seamless as possible. Mazda might not be the leader of the luxury market, but it’s not trying to be. It’s trying to give consumers an option that is luxurious in features but frugal in price. It might not be for everyone, but the Mazda3 delivers on this promise.