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While the Nissan Frontier may be Nissan’s mid-size truck in the United States, elsewhere, Nissan sells a different truck. The Nissan Navara was a truck sold in the United Kingdom, although the brand no longer offers it. Unlike the Frontier, the Navara has not benefited from much in terms of modification. That was, until recently. About two years ago, a Navara owner started a project to give this pickup 1,000 horsepower, and that is truly crazy. It’s now known as the Nissan Navara-R.

Someone built a 1,0000-hp Nissan truck

This insanely-quick Navara was created by Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, who is a professional driver. It is the result of two years of dedication, and frankly, it is absolutely insane. According to Car Buzz, this pickup is powered by a V6 engine, but it is not just any powerplant. It is the V6 engine from the legendary Nissan GTR and has been bored out to 4.1-liters. Thanks to these modifications, the truck makes 1,000 hp while remaining completely street legal. 

Other modifications include custom suspension turrets for the GT-R subframes and an all-wheel drive system to help this pickup with cornering. When it comes to stopping power, the Navara-R utilizes RC6 & RC4 Alcon Specialist brakes to ensure all four wheels can handle the power output of the upgraded engine. 

You have to imagine that this project is not cheap. But it does show just how far auto enthusiasts will go to make their dreams come true. The concept of the Navara-R was developed during the initial coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. So, while some were learning how to make sourdough bread, folks like Biagioni were plotting how to build an insane truck. 

Want to see this truck in action?

While it is not confirmed yet, Biagioni has hinted that the Navara-R may make an appearance at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. And that means that other enthusiasts will have the opportunity to take in this massive project. Although, it has not been fully confirmed just yet. 

An off-road version of the Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara | Jose Manuel Alvarez Rey via Getty Images

Inside of the Navara-R lies Sparco seats and a GT-R steering wheel. The exterior has plenty of racing decals and a custom body kit to indicate that this is no normal pickup truck. In terms of speed, this truck may not be the fastest. And that is because Biagioni has a passion for driting. Although, with 1,000 hp, this is probably one of the craziest builds to happen in recent memory. 

To some, a truck like this may not make much sense. But to enthusiasts, it is an exercise of what can be achieved when you put your mind to something. This truck is filled with custom components, but it really does feel like a GT-R version of one of Nissan’s mid-size trucks. The fact that it remains street legal is just the cherry on top. 

It does have to be asked if the Navara-R will inspire Nissan to pursue a performance pickup truck now that it has already been done. If so, it probably would not feature 1,000 hp, as that is just too much for the average driver.


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