What’s Up With This Nissan GT-R? It Sure Doesn’t Look Like One

The Nissan GT-R is a brutal street/track masterpiece. While it has always attracted modifications to wring even more power and better handling out of it, exterior customizing has existed mostly through painting, graphics, and different wheel and tire combos. So what’s up with this Nissan GT-R? It sure doesn’t look like one, does it? That’s because the famous design house Italdesign has done a radical makeover to this GT-R. Actually, it will be doing the makeover to 50 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of both Nissan and Italdesign. It’s been christened GT-R50.

The chopped top has instantly changed the proportions of the GT-R to a fastback-like profile

2021 Nissan GTR-50 by Italdesign with a black background

And when we say radical makeover, that’s not hyperbole. First, the top has been chopped over two inches. That alone has instantly changed the proportions of the GT-R to a fastback-like profile. Top chopping has always been described as akin to taking an ice cream cone, cutting a section out of the middle, then putting it back together. It takes a lot of slicing and dicing. And the end result is not always an improvement. In the case of ItalDesign’s GT-R50, it has vastly improved the looks of Nissan’s quirky-looking sports car.

Not that we don’t like the GT-Rs looks. The brutal nature of the car is carried through to the exterior design. The chopped top is just the tip of the iceberg. Though resembling a production GT-R, all of the body panels have either been swapped out or heavily massaged. From the angled design line on the flattened flanks to the entire fascia and headlight treatment, it’s all unique to these 50 cars.

The GT-R has been modified inside and out

Besides the body makeover, there are myriad changes to increase power and handling. The six-speed transaxle has been beefed up, as have the adaptive suspension system. Bigger brakes, grippier Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, power cranked up to 710 hp; the GT-R50 has been modified inside and out.

Speaking of inside, the interior is spartan, to say the least. Lots of carbon fiber with no infotainment screens, audio controls, or safety systems cluttering things up. The racecar-like looks of the interior go well with the modded exterior. But, it won’t feel like a $1.1 million car.

It takes six months to complete a single GT-R50

top view of Nissan/Italdesign GT-R50

Looking for a Budget Super Car? Buy a Nissan GT-R

That’s right $1.1 million. Goodness doesn’t come cheap. The combined Nissan and Italdesign venture take six months to complete a single GT-R50. During that time if you choose to further customize your GT-R50 ItalDesign is up for whatever you want. However, the price goes up as the customization increases.

ItalDesign says it has deposits for quite a few GT-R50s. But there are still some slots available if you want to be part of this very exclusive club.