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Land Rovers are some of the only cars that you can confidently take off-road without ever leaving the lap of luxury. The Range Rover Sport is one of the best examples that showcases all the possible capabilities of the Land Rover brand. Despite its perks, why is it one of the least popular luxury vehicles of 2023?

The Range Rover Sport vs. the rest of the luxury segment

As of July 2023, only 1,674 Range Rover Sports had been purchased for the year’s second quarter. By this time in 2022, it has sold well over 2,000 units. Most of Land Rover’s other models are also seeing downward sales trends, with the exception of the original Range Rover.

The Lexus RX has outsold Land Rover’s entire lineup and the year hasn’t even ended. By Q2 2023’s end, over 31,000 buyers had purchased an RX. TheRange Rover Sport is outmatched by many of its other rivals, such as the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. That SUV moved close to 14,000 units last quarter, according to GoodCarBadCar data. 

The BMW X5 is even more popular amongst luxury shoppers in 2023, posting 18,575 sales by the end of July. The Cadillac XT5’s 2023 sales are sitting close to 7,000, and the XT6 has sold over 5,000 units. The Audi Q7’s sales were up by 7,000 at the beginning of August, while the Q8 gained about 3,500 new buyers for the year. 

The Range Rover Sport is actually a great SUV

The Range Rover Sport provides shoppers with multiple powertrain options, starting with a 355-hp turbo-inline-six engine. That engine can be tuned to make up 395 hp and can also be paired with an electric motor. The SV Edition One features a 626-hp twin-turbo V8, promising a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds.

While most of the Range Rover Sport’s trims feature mild-hybrid powertrains, the Autobiography model has an electric battery pack on board. The PHEV model gives drivers an estimated 51 miles of range. The electric motor and turbo-inline-six engine generate 543 hp combined. 

No matter which Range Rover Sport you purchase, each one with have four-wheel-drive. The standard Terrain Response 2 automatically adjusts your traction based on any sort of potentially hazardous road condition. All Range Rover Sports have over 11 in of ground clearance thanks to an adjustable air suspension. 

Performance aside, every SUV features a phenomenally comfortable interior that stands out to potential buyers. Every seat has heating and comes upholstered in Windsor leather. Four-zone climate control is available via the Hot Climate pack, which also features a cabin air purifier and a refrigerated center console compartment.

The Range Rover Sport has two 13-in displays, one for the infotainment screen and another for the digital gauge cluster. If that’s not enough, you can treat your passengers to a rear-seat entertainment system. The Range Rover Sport also has your typical range of advanced safety features, along with a 360-degree camera system. 

One huge factor that scares potential owners away

The 2024 Range Rover Sport is far more expensive than many other cars in its class, with an MSRP starting at $107,400. Many of the optional packages offered by Land Rover also cost several thousand dollars apiece. 

Additionally, despite having a standard mild-hybrid setup, the Range Rover Sport’s gas mileage isn’t very impressive. The base engine gets 19/26 mpg city/highway.

This SUV’s seating capacity is also limited to five passengers, while some of its rivals can carry seven or eight people. The Range Rover Sport is definitely a nice car, but only the most affluent shoppers can give it a chance.


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