Land Rover SUVs Are More Rugged Than They Appear

Older Land Rover SUV models share a boxy and rugged appearance. Favorites like the old school Defender and Discovery have a truck-like utilitarian style. It’s certainly a visual that evokes thoughts of trekking overland in Africa or the bush of Australia. However, today these capable SUVs are designed with a sleeker and almost bubbly exterior style. They certainly look softer than they used to.

Are Land Rover SUV models off-road ready? Or are they now strictly devoted to luxury? In fact, because Land Rovers are luxury vehicles their impressive off-road prowess sometimes gets overlooked. Yet in reality, Land Rover SUVs are more rugged than they appear. For instance, take a look at these off-roading clips for the new Land Rover Discovery and the Range Rover Evoque.

How capable is a Land Rover?

True to its name, the Land Rover SUV traverses landscapes of all types. From impressive road manners on the pavement to brawny off-road chops, Land Rover SUVs are, in fact, more impressive as an overall package than one might think. Maintenance horror stories are common too. In addition, Land Rovers are harshly judged because of their high price tags.

However, some might say that you get your money’s worth in terms of luxury combined with overland capability. Especially since this isn’t exactly the most commonly prioritized combination. Videos like this Range Rover Evoque going off-road through a creek bed, however, show us that Land Rover SUVs aren’t just sleek and luxurious. They are extremely capable vehicles as well.

Why are Land Rovers so good off-road?

The complete Land Rover SUV lineup is built to be capable. In fact, in the video above shown on the 66 mile off-road course, we learn that if any model is engineered and can’t make it around the course it’s scrapped as a model completely. The Range Rover, for example, is great off-road. It’s ready for the wilderness with a variety of features to improve your overland experience. According to Land Rover, the Land Rover Range Rover boasts a 35.4 inch wading depth and 34.7° / 29.6° approach and departure angles.

Land Rover Sport PHEV Conqueres the Dragon Challenge | Land Rover
Land Rover Sport PHEV Conqueres the Dragon Challenge | Land Rover

In addition, we see some crazy technological advancement such as the invisible bonnet in the video shown below. Land Rovers are engineered specifically for off-roading. Jeep versus Land Rover debates about which brand is more capable on trails are common. Moreover, The entire range generally sees higher ground clearance and other off-roading features such as the Land Rover terrain response system.

Off-road features paired with sophisticated style

We know today’s Land Rover vehicle as a cushy luxury SUV. But in fact, there is more than meets the eye. These SUVs may not ever see what it’s like to go off the pavement. The ones that do, however, prove well-equipped to do so.

Rear-side view of the 2021 Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110 panel van driving up a rocky hill
2021 Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110 rear | Land Rover

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Land Rovers have off-road features that help drivers with modes for gravel/grass/snow, sand, and mud and ruts. Plus, there is a rock crawl setting. In addition to that, Land Rover SUVs feature a very sophisticated all-wheel-drive system. Pair that with the sophisticated looks and you’ve got a luxury SUV ready to go places other than Barneys or Saks Fifth Avenue.