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The days of simple Land Rover 4×4 SUVs are long, long behind us. The brand has evolved into a true luxury automaker, pairing cutting-edge off-road tech with plush, premium design. In its latest evolution, Land Rover has embraced electrification. The 2023 Range Rover Sport PHEV is one of the brand’s newest plug-in hybrid luxury SUVs – and it’s a far cry from the rugged Land Rover farm of old. Is the plug-in hybrid Range Rover Sport a winner? Or has Land Rover strayed too far off its 4×4 path?

How does the plug-in hybrid Range Rover Sport perform?

The reviewers at Edmunds took a Range Rover Sport PHEV out on the snowy roads of Utah to check out its performance. According to Edmunds, the SUV is impressive to drive.

“Put your foot down in most drive modes, and the electric motor does the initial pickup, and the inline-six kicks in at higher speeds. Pushing through the kickdown pedal asks both the electric motor and gas engine to work in sync, and the resulting thrust is neither surprising nor disappointing.”

That thrust that Edmunds refers to comes from a standard turbocharged inline-six engine and an electric motor paired with a 3.18-kWh battery. It all works together to make a combined 434 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque – stout power even for modern SUVs. To top it off, Land Rover says Range Rover Sport PHEV can go up to 48 miles in EV mode.

Is the plug-in hybrid Range Rover Sport good in snow?

A red Range Rover Sport PHEV plugged in to charge.
2023 Range Rover Sport | Land Rover

Just like other Land Rover products, the Range Rover Sport PHEV comes standard with a sophisticated all-wheel drive system with multiple traction settings. According to Edmunds, the SUV easily handled winter storm conditions while in slippery mode. The Terrain Response 2 system can also auto-detect surface traction and adjust performance parameters accordingly.

Range Rover Sport PHEV is only slightly smaller than the full-size Range Rover

A silver Range Rover Sport on a gray background.
2023 Range Rover Sport | Land Rover

The Range Rover Sport has always been smaller than its sibling, the flagship Range Rover. But the current model is only a hair shy of the larger SUV’s size. Edmunds says it’s just as wide as the Range Rover and only a few inches shorter. The two models even have the same exact wheelbase at 118 inches.

Significant differences between the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover are diminishing. For many, the decision will come down to whether they prefer value or prestige. The Range Rover itself still commands attention, after all.

How much is the Range Rover Sport PHEV?

While the base Range Rover Sport starts at around $85,000, you’ll have to fork over a bit more for the plug-in hybrid version. The Range Rover Sport Autobiography PHEV starts at just over $105,000. That may seem steep, but it’s far short of the Range Rover Autobiography PHEV’s starting price of over $155,00. Considering the two share a platform and a powertrain, the Range Rover Sport PHEV appears to be a better value.


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