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It’s summer, and that means outdoor picnics, family vacations, and quality time on the water. Soon, boats will be dotting every lake, cove, and beachfront. You might be considering a new boat, too. However, with so many sleek designs, unique styles, and various performance options, it can be hard to choose. Enthusiasts suggest Midnight Express boats are among the best of the best. Despite only making 40 boats every year, when you learn more about the history and high-quality craftsmanship that goes into every boat, your boat-buying decision might just get easier.

The history of Midnight Express boats

Whether you’re a boating enthusiast or just dipping your toe into boating for the first time, Midnight Express boats deserve a look. These quality boats are fan favorites and have a long history of quality boatbuilding behind them. Byng Goode and Pedro Medina started designing these boats around 1980, intending to build impressive crafts that could easily withstand the rough Caribbean waters with speed and agility.

After a public hiatus and phasing out of the original rugged boat designs, the company seemed to resurface, as Go Downsize describes, in 1997 as an entirely different “looking” company. Tom Mason, a 40-year boatbuilding veteran, was in charge of the company, modernizing the look of the Midnight Express boat line.

Mason sold the company in 2006 to brothers Eric and Harris Glaser, who carried the nameplate into today’s successful line. These brothers are hailed for redefining the custom boatbuilding industry altogether, including designs with new hull shapes. The family-owned company, located in Miami, Florida, employs techniques for boat construction that are equally innovative. Today, these dream boats are globally recognized for their prowess on rough water, smooth handling, and ease of operation.

A custom boat-making tradition

Even if you don’t own a Midnight Express boat yourself, if you’re into boating, you’ve likely heard of Midnight Express’ reputation. These boats are known for their high-quality materials and production, as well as their fully customizable amenities. Each million-dollar boat is crafted custom, introducing customer-requested extras like upgraded upholstery or luxury accommodations.

These premier boats come with high-quality finishes and offer spacious seating. Midnight Express says every boat includes an infusion layup, parts have high-density foam cores and high-grade metals facilitate T-Tops, arches, and tow bits. Today’s Midnight Express boats are considered to be some of the highest-performing powerboats, equipped with cutting-edge boat tech and featuring revolutionary boat designs. Additionally, because each boat is custom-made, the company only produces around 40 boats every year.

Limited in production but fierce on the water

Midnight Express boats are desirable for several reasons. However, the biggest allure involves the performance capabilities of these mighty powerboats. The luxury boat company was one of the first to attach four massive horsepower engines to the back of the boat. Today, you can get five. The result is a fierce watercraft that can make it from the Bahamas to South Florida in record time. Speeds approach 85 mph, and fuel efficiency at 40 mph is over 1.2 mpg.

Choose from several models, including the 60′ Pied-A-Mer, the 52′ Vitesse, the 43′ Solstice, the 43′ Open, the 39S Open Cuddy, the 37′ Open, and the 34′ Open. Because each craft comes with the most advanced controls and technologies, including touchscreen MFD connectivity to your smartphone, managing all that power is a breeze for boat owners.

If boats are on your agenda this summer, check out the custom-built, high-performing Midnight Express lineup. If you’re up for a million-dollar investment, you won’t be disappointed in the luxury on-the-water experience.

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