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The makers of the most powerful electric outboard motors in the world, Vision Marine Technologies (VMT), are now making a run for the fastest electric boat in the world. As of May, Vision’s E-motion 180E outboard motor is available for reservations. This motor is not only the most powerful electric outboard motor in the world; it is also cleaner and quieter than the traditional outboards. With any luck, the 180E will break the 100 mph mark making it the fastest electric boat in the world. 

a straight on view of the Vision 180E which is currently the most powerful electric outboard motor.
E-motion 180E outboard motor | Vision Marine Technologies

Vision Marine Technologies makes the most powerful electric outboard motor in the world

According to New Atlas, the folks at Vision have teamed up with Hellkats Powerboats to push the all-out electric boat world speed record up over 100 mph. A little over a year ago, the Norweigan electric motor maker Evoy announced the 150-hp Pro electric outboard motor as the world’s most powerful electric outboard motor. Evoy even said more powerful versions are also coming soon. 

Before Evoy could drop those more powerful options, VMT snuck in and dropped the 180E and snatched the world record for the most powerful electric boat motor. Along with its 180 hp, Vision’s high-voltage E-Motion 180E tops the Evoy Pro in torque with 288 lb-ft of torque. 

If its power wasn’t cool enough, this new electric outboard was designed to be quickly swapped out with more traditional internal combustion engines. This means you can snatch the old engine out of your boat and immediately have a quiet, zero-emissions boat in the snap of your fingers. VMT says that this motor is best for boats between 18ft-26ft. 

How much range does this electric outboard boat motor get? 

Even with boats, the range is a crucial factor. Although we are talking about the world record for the fastest electric boat, range is still more important than raw horsepower. With boats, range is a bit trickier to calculate. With the VMT 180E outboard motor, the range will heavily depend on the boat, its weight, the shape of the hull, and weather/water conditions. 

Vision loosely estimates that the 180E could power a compatible boat up to 70 miles while cruising at 20 mph. But, again, these numbers can greatly vary depending on headwinds, how packed the boat is, and water conditions. Once the battery is flat, VMT says that the battery will take a full night to charge using a 220-volt outlet. 

Vision and Hellkats Powerboats are gunning for the world record for the fastest electric boat

the Hellkats and Vision collaboration is going to make a run for the fastest electric boat world record
The Fulgura | Vision Marine Technologies

The “world’s most powerful e-outboard motor” title is one thing, but making a run at the world’s fastest electric boat title is a bit more complicated. So, Vision is teaming up with Hellkats Powerboats to tackle the record for the fastest electric boat. 

This new team will create an all-electric version of Hellkats’ 32-ft Super-Sport Widebody catamaran called the Fulgura l. The all-electric boat will be powered by dual E-Motion outboards, and plans call for it to hit the water in November. 

The goal is for the Fulgura to bust through the 100mph mark to demolish the previous fastest electric boat record of 88.6 mph set by Jaguar Vector Racing in 2018. Obviously, most customers aren’t really looking to hit world record speeds in their boats, but the record will certainly help sell the concept and prove that electric power doesn’t have to be boring. Furthermore, this will prove that saving the planet can be just as exciting and gnarly as the fossil fuel versions. 

World record speed is not cheap

While VMT’s new electric outboard boat motors seem incredibly cool, they are pretty damn pricey. But, before we scoff at the eye-watering expense of guilt-free speed, if all goes according to plan, these will be the most powerful electric outboard motors in the world, and that means something. 

The full E-Motion 180E package prices at a cool $78,990. This represents $26,995 for the motor and $51,995 for the battery, charger, and user interface kit. While we wait for VMT to bust the previous record, plenty of great videos show the E-motion 180E ripping the drink apart like an old bible story. 


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