running four verado outboard motors
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Mercury Marine’s New 600-HP Outboard Motor Is a Gentle Giant

Mercury just released an epic new outboard motor with some of the most modern innovations we’ve seen so far in this context. Although it’s a powerful beast, this V12 Verado is quiet and easier to operate than previous outboards. In fact, Mercury Marine’s new 600 horsepower outboard motor is a gentle giant. “smoother and quieter …

A 40-foot 2017 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer is displayed at the 63rd annual Houston International Boat, Sport and Travel Show
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Boat Show Season 2021 Begins This Weekend

The 2021 boat show season gets underway this weekend! The calendar of boating shows is pretty full this year, even with the ongoing global health concern. Many boat shows will be outdoors, of course, but some are not. So, ask ahead of a show what precautions are being taken before appearing at the given venue.  …

A sport fishing boat cruises on waves
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Seakeeper Is Revolutionizing Boating, but It Will Cost You

Seakeeper prevents you from getting seasick from boat roll when you’re out on the open water. The product uses a gyroscope to keep the boat from swaying. Gyroscopes use the Earth’s gravitational pull to keep your vessel oriented on the water. And that makes for a more enjoyable boating experience. How the Seakeeper allays the …

The sun sets behind a sailboat belonging to Escola de Navegação Treino de Mar (Navigation Training School of the Sea)
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Don’t Waste Your Money on This Boat Dealer Offering

Buying a boat can be very exciting. The thought of being able to hit the water whenever you want to, or have the time, is an alluring thought. It can also be stressful, however, especially when boat dealers are trying to talk you into spending more money than you had budgeted. BoatUS has some great …

The black solar-powered Silent-Yachts Cupra Design luxury yacht
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This Luxury Yacht Has Solar and Volkswagen EV Power

Whether you have an inboard or an outboard motor on your boat, typically it runs on fossil fuels. But just as with cars, boats can be EVs, too. And that even applies to high-end luxury yachts. The newest project from Austrian company Silent-Yachts, though, approaches electric boating slightly differently. That’s because it runs with the …

Couple walking on a dock next to a docked pontoon boat on the Mississippi River MN in July 2015.
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Not All Pontoon Boats Have To Be Slow

Pontoon boats make up an estimated 20 percent of the recreational boat market, outpacing other boats by around 1 to 2 percent. Pontoons debuted on the commercial market in 1951. Minnesota farmer Ambrose Weeres invented them so families could spend days on lakes fishing and swimming. Pontoon boat structures sit on hollow airtight tubes called …

A sunken sailing yacht with a Greek flag on the mast can be seen in a harbor after the heavy autumn storm Ianos.
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What To Do if Your Boat Sinks

Boating offers a lot of enjoyment and recreational opportunities. There’s no better feeling than being out on the open water with your family and friends. Unfortunately, problems arise that can turn a fun day on the boat into a nightmare. One of the scariest hazards of boat ownership is when a boat sinks. An unexpected …

A detailed view of the propellers of the model cruise ship "Land Hadeln Hemmoor," which was built by 81-year-old Lothar Bergander, former captain at sea and hobby model maker.
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Choosing the Right Propeller for Your Boat Is Not Easy

When you think about boat propellers, the concept is pretty simple. The propeller rotates, forcing water in one direction and your boat in another. So choosing a propeller for your boat shouldn’t be hard. However, there’s more science to it than most realize and several factors to consider when selecting a propeller for your recreational …

Rafael Nadal
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Rafael Nadal’s New Yacht Is Worth $5 Million

Professional tennis might not be the first sport people think about when it comes to multi-millionaire athletes. However, when somebody has the nearly two-decade run of success that Nadal has had, they get paid handsomely to do so. One of the winningest players in history, Nadal knows how to enjoy the fruits of his success. Nothing …

People going for a ride in a Bayliner boat
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Full-Time Boat Living Hits Snag With Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic shutdown began its clampdown regionally in late February to early March of this year. During that period, there was a lot of news about people on cruise ships being stuck onboard with no understanding of when they would be permitted to disembark. But the pandemic did not just affect the cruise ship …

Boat shrink wrap
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How Much Does It Cost To Shrink Wrap a Boat?

Winter is already breathing down our necks. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who live in a region where it never freezes and you’re able to boat throughout the winter months, now is the time to haul your boat out of the water. It’s also time to think about winterizing your boat.  If you’re one …

speed boat with its nose out of the water, exposing the bottom of the boat above the water
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Why Do Boats Have Paint on the Bottom?

If you live near a body of water, a boat is a great way to spend some quality family time. Because of their resale value, buying a boat can also be a decent investment. However, you should be prepared to put a decent amount of cash into your boat, because it never pays to be cheap. Protecting your investment …

A Bayliner Maxum boat on crystal clear water.
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Is a Boating License or Certification Needed To Pilot a Boat?

If you are considering becoming a first-time boat owner, do not jump in blindly. Do some research. The need for and the process of acquiring a boat license varies by state. The type of license may even vary depending on the type of vessel and the pilot’s age. For example, personal watercrafts, such as jet …

A catamaran sailboat seen sailing around sunset
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The Best Sailing Channels On YouTube – By Subscriptions

In addition to the entertainment value, YouTube is a great tool to learn things or win things. If you don’t know where to find the fuse box on your vehicle, or how what the difference is between a boat and a ship, there’s probably a YouTube video showing you. Occasionally, some YouTube channels even give …

A man and woman take their Boston Whaler boat out to sea at Lyford Cay, Bahamas
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Boston Whaler’s Newest Boat Is Perfect for Families

Brunswick, the maker of the Boston Whaler, has a new boat to offer consumers, and it appears to be a perfect fit for families of all sizes. The 240 Vantage model offers the right amount of amenities to appeal to all types of people, no matter what activities they do on the water.   Anglers and …

A sailing boat sails in sunny autumn weather past brightly coloured trees near Gatow on the Havel
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Every Boater Should Have This Simple Device Installed

Although they are frequently overlooked, bilge pumps are one of the most vital items you can have if your boat begins taking on water. In emergencies, these pumps are often the last line of defense to keep your boat afloat until help arrives. Fortunately, they are typically affordable and easy to install, according to BoatUS. …

three people on boat looking through binoculars for marine wildlife
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Where You Can Take Your Boat to See the Best Marine Wildlife

Seeing marine wildlife from the bow of your own boat is a breathtaking experience. Sea turtles, manatees, manta rays, dolphins, and whales are all accessible in bodies of water throughout the country. There are plenty of boating destinations to witness the beauty of marine animals in their natural habitat. Whether it’s warm tropical waters or arctic oceans you are …

Woman wear face masks after the southern Italian region of Campania made it mandatory to wear protective face coverings outdoors 24 hours a day, to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.
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These Once Floating Cities Are Now Ghostly Tourist Attractions

If boats weren’t already normally a hassle, cruises would feel like a relic from long ago in these wild times. A place where thousands of international strangers congregate in small places for days at a time? That may as well be Narnia at this point. If for some reason, you find yourself missing cruises, you …

Sealander camper sets sail
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This Camper Can be Towed by Most Cars and Take to the Sea

Life is all about choices. Where to live, what to drive, whether or not to have kids, and should you get a camper or a boat? These are all of the biggest questions life can throw at us (mostly the boat thing), right? Although the fine folks at Sealander can’t really help with the other …

People going for a ride in a Bayliner boat
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Winter Boat Storage Options: What You Need To Know

Not everybody is a boating expert. For those who are learning about ownership, this post is about the famous questions: What do you do with your boat during the Winter? Is it safe to leave the boat in the water year-round? Boats and Winter Winter weather states, that is, states that are prone to freezing …

A view of a restored 2003 Sea-N-Sport boat.
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$100 Boat Purchase Turns Out To Be a Gem

Florida is known for its palm trees, car culture, beaches, and boats. Not surprisingly, there are so many boats in that area of the country that occasionally buyers come across some incredible deals. One gentleman found a used 2003 Sea-N-Sport boat that he was able to purchase for $100. At that price, the vessel came …

A 40-foot 2017 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer is displayed at the 63rd annual Houston International Boat, Sport and Travel Show
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The 2020 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 Does a Little Bit of Everything

The Sundancer line from Sea Ray is full of highly acclaimed boats, and the 2020 Sea Ray Sundancer 320 is no exception. Packed with convenience and comfort features, this boat is immensely versatile and has a little something for everyone, says Boating Magazine. Here’s what you should know about the Sundancer 320. What to expect …

Sailing yachts are stranded in the harbour after the heavy autumn storm "Ianos" at the quay wall. The so-called Medicane, a Mediterranean hurricane, and another storm over the North Aegean Sea caused severe damage and destruction
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What Boat Owners Should Know in Hurricane Season

Most boat owners know that when a hurricane is forecasted, it’s imperative to batten down the hatches before the storm hits. Having a preparation plan in place will ensure your boat is as safe as possible. A hurricane or tropical storm can cause high winds, torrential rain, damaging waves, and powerful surges that vary in strength and …

A man riding on his Boston Whaler
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2020 Is a Banner Year for Boat Sales

Outdoors related industries have seen a big boom in business during the global COVID-19 pandemic. People have been searching for ways to get out of their homes without being in stuck in masses at airports, bus stations, and cruise ships. We’ve already covered how RV manufacturers have had to balance shutting down plants while trying …

Tourists take part in a dolphin watching tour from a boat in the Amvrakikos gulf
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There Is 1 Type of Boat You Should Avoid at All Costs

Whether you’re looking for a boat for summer family outings or big fishing trips with friends, there are many models on today’s market to choose from. Should you be looking for a general family boat? Or should you be looking for something specialized? The folks at Wave to Wave have some answers to those questions. …

The British yacht Princess 98' MY is lifted by the boatlift Big Willi
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Is Buying a Boat Lift Worth It?

Owning a boat is not only a major investment, but it promises endless adventure. Unfortunately, dreams of spending relaxing days out on the water can quickly turn into a nightmare if the boat isn’t properly maintained. One way to protect your investment is to purchase a boat lift.  Some boaters choose to leave their boat moored to …

Returning fishing boats moor under the sunset in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
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Grady White Has Been Building Great Boats for Over 60 Years

Many of the most popular boatmakers in the industry are so successful thanks to years of innovative designs and attention to customers. Grady White is one of these companies, with more than 60 years of experience crafting high-quality boats. How did Grady White get started, and why is it so popular today? The founding of …

In this photo illustration a GPS logo seen displayed on a smartphone for potential use on a boat
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Save Money on a Boat GPS and Download This Handy App Instead

When a boat comes equipped with navigation equipment and GPS, expensive bells and whistles often come to mind. But today’s innovation carries through to the boating industry, making boating easier and more convenient year after year. And in a world where the world is stored in your phone, that includes the water. The next time …

Bartenders work on the Grand Banks boat restaurant at Pier 25 as the city continues Phase 4 of re-opening following restrictions imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus
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How Can You Avoid Seasickness on Your Boat?

The day is here: you’ve purchased your boat and you’re ready to take it on the water for the first time. However, once the boat has left port, some riders may find themselves feeling a little uncomfortable. Seasickness symptoms can easily ruin your well-planned boating adventure. Just like car sickness, seasickness is a common form …

People going for a ride in a Bayliner boat
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Is Your Boat on This Massive Recall List?

If you have a boat, you naturally want to stay on top of maintenance. Boating is one of those recreational activities that will come to an abrupt halt when there are any issues with your boat. Just like cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs, boats are also susceptible to issues that require a recall. On the …

The boat and camper RV trailer at the boat launch.

The Boat And Camp Trailer Is the RV You Never Knew You Needed

The concept of a toy hauler RV has been around for a long time. Basically, it is a camper that is either motorized or comes as a fifth-wheel trailer. It includes a small garage bay in the rear. This RV type allows camping enthusiasts to bring their outdoor power equipment with them, such as a …

Tourists are seen eating mussels on a tourist boat
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What Are the Best Foods to Eat While on a Boat?

The experts don’t recommend eating in your car if you’re driving, because it can distract you, but what about on a boat? For many of us, the idea of eating on a boat brings back memories of seasickness. For those who actually enjoy boating, however, eating on a boat is a pleasure that simply can’t …