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Whether it’s a result of the pandemic or just the next level of societal evolution, we have moved into a level of hyper luxury goods that feels just a touch silly considering the state of things. The mantra of our time seems to be: “Never mind the doom; let’s throw some branding on it.” Here, the ever-classy Airstream has teamed up with the opposite of that, the branding juggernaut, Supreme. Strap in, folks; this is a weird one. Meet the Supreme Airstream.

Supreme Airstream camper
Supreme Airstream camper | Airstream

Is the Airstream x Supreme collaboration available? 

In stereotypical Supreme fashion, the new Airstream Bambi dressed in Supreme logos has already sold out of its 100 build slots. This instant sell-out isn’t just a hip streetwear trend anymore; this is the typical nature of the world we live in these days. 

We dig Airstream. The relentless dedication to vintage style and modern comfort is something Airstream does in a way few companies have managed to do before it. However, this Supreme mashup feels a touch out of line with the polished road torpedoes. 

What is special about the Supreme Airstream camper? 

Inside the Supreme Airstream camper
Supreme Airstream interior | Airstream

Airstream campers aren’t exactly modest trailers. The high-polish aluminum hulls look like a holdover from some alternate jet-age timeline. Flashy or not, Airstream is always classy. 

However, splattering the Supreme logo all over the sleek camper adds a bit of sour modernity that I’m not sure anyone was asking for. Considering it sold out in a snap, maybe I am unfortunately wrong about that. I digress. 

Supreme, not exactly known for its subtlety, made a point to drench the Airstream in its bold red and white signature branding. Easily the most Supreme-ish logo is the loud, red extendable awning with “Supreme” printed in white across the top. The exterior is also littered with Supreme badging. Inside, there’s a red-upholstered “ultraleather” couch, a branded blanket, and custom flooring. There are, somehow, even more, Supreme badges inside.

MotorTrend calls the look “restrained, overall.” I can’t get behind that. However, MT’s point is that the camper will still give buyers the Airstream experience, but with “a few bright splashes of color,” I just don’t see how that’s possible. 

So much of the Airstream experience is stepping into the historical aesthetic of the brand. That feels impossible to do with the worst parts of modernity splattered about the place. 

How much is the Airstream X Supreme camper collaboration? 

The 2022 Airstream Bambi 22-footer starts at $66,100. However, if you want Supreme written all over it and a red leather couch, that price jumps up to a cool $90,000. Like I said, the worst parts of modernity. 

Despite my caterwauling, the limited edition Airstream camper sold all 100 units in a flash. I guess my romanticized ideals about why people want Airstreams might be a bit more idealistic than realistic. 


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