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There are few things as Americana as a vintage Airstream camper trailer. These represent more than just the vintage automotive design we love so much. Airstream campers conjure the Great American Road Trip the second you see one. They are indelibly linked. Luckily for us, they are plenty of them. Unfortunately, they are pretty much always pricy. 

1964 Airstream Safari Twin looking like a million bucks in a field at sunset
1964 Airstream Safari Twin | RM Sotheby’s

This Airstream Safari Twin is not only lovely to look at, but it’s also for sale

MotorTrend reports, this fabulous Airstream Safari Twin is currently heading toward Hershey, PA, where it will cross the RM Sotheby’s auction block. As the name suggests, the Airstream Safari Twin has the highly desirable Twin floorplan and measures a full 22-ft in length. Aside from the cool, smaller camper size, this one has been fully and beautifully restored. 

The current owner/seller scored the Airstream last year from the original owner. Since it was still in its original condition, the new owner decided to get to work immediately on the tasteful restoration.  

According to MotorTrend, ​​along with updating the underbelly and perimeter siding, the owner had the steel frame stripped and finished in POR-15 rustproofing paint. The torsion axle, brakes, and shocks were also replaced. He even refinished the door and gave it a new, era-appropriate deadbolt and door handle. 

This vintage Airstream camper seems damn-near perfect

Vintage Airstream camper with awning up
1964 Airstream Safari Twin | RM Sotheby’s

As noted before, this incredible Airstream camper was bought from the original owner, who took decent care of it since it was purchased in 1964. The aluminum hull still had most of its shine, needing only minor touching up. 

The original awning and fender skirts were replaced. The current seller also addressed all the windows and trim to make them look good and keep the inside nice and dry. He even addressed the more practical elements. The twin external propane tanks were properly polished and re-certified, and additional updates include the electrical, plumbing, and gas systems. Newly added equipment consists of a 12-volt pump, a city water inlet, and a water heater.

The camper is ready for anything 

Interior of a 1964 Airstream Safari Twin
1964 Airstream Safari Twin | RM Sotheby’s

Lastly, the inferior is dripping in handy storage compartments and a built-in comfort suite. The interior amenities include twin beds, a bathroom, a kitchenette and dining table, and an extra, gaucho-style bed. 

Keeping the vintage vibes correct, the seller also refurbished the cabinets and re-trimmed all of the upholstery to be new but look old. The floors and countertops, however, were updated with a more modern aesthetic. He even kept the original refrigerator, range top stove, and furnace. 

How much will this vintage Airstream sell for? 

It’s always hard to say on automotive auctions these days. With the wealthy getting increasingly manic in their spending habits, anything is possible. That being said, RM Sotheby’s estimates that it will likely bring between $90,000-$110,000. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Although, with its amazing condition and infectious charm, it wouldn’t be surprising to see how this one could climb in price.


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