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An argument can be made that some car modifications are practical and possibly necessary. For example, a cargo net for the trunk of an SUV or cross-over can be handy for someone regularly carrying a lot of stuff. On the other hand, some modifications are purely for style or even bragging rights. In many ways, a car is a fashion accessory. Some have no problem dropping significant amounts of cash to stand out from a crowd when it comes to fashion.

Spending a lot of money to stand out is especially true when looking at streetwear culture. Streetwear brands like Anti Social Social Club, Human Made, Stüssy, and others, play heavily on exclusivity. It is not uncommon for streetwear brands to release fashion goods at very high prices in minimal quantities. It can be argued that the architect of that strategy is the famous New York brand, Supreme.

In addition to their fashion items, Supreme is known for putting their logo on random objects such as megaphones, fire extinguishers, and even bricks. No matter the item, if it has the Supreme logo, it is guaranteed to be a hot seller.

It is no surprise that Supreme is now reaching into automotive culture with their latest collaboration.

Supreme DUB Spinner Wheels

Supreme DUB Spinner Rim against a white background from a front 3/4ths view.
Supreme DUB Spinner Rim | Supreme New York

DUB Wheels is one of the most wheel brands in the world. It is an offshoot of DUB Magazine, founded on the growing interest in chrome wheels on luxury car makes like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes. Since the beginning of the DUB Wheels brand, it has collaborated with music celebrities, sports stars, and more.

DUB’s latest collaboration is with Supreme on a limited set of 24-inch “spinner” wheels that feature a hypnotic rendition of the Supreme logo on the “face” of each wheel. A “spinner” is a particular type of wheel designed so that the wheel’s face can spin independently of the rim so it can create an illusion that the wheels are spinning when the car is stopped. The limited edition wheel was announced on Supreme’s Instagram page in a teaser video featuring the wheels on a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Spinner wheels initially gained popularity in the early 2000s when rap artists and athletes would equip them on their cars. The popularity of spinners started to fade for a bit, but they have recently made a resurgence.

How much do Supreme DUB Spinner wheels cost?

Supreme DUB Spinner Rim against a white background from a front on view revealing the Supreme logo on the wheel face.
Supreme DUB Spinner Rim | Supreme New York

A set of Supreme DUB Spinner wheels costs $12,000 a set before taxes and shipping. Each set is made to order and takes 10 to 12 weeks for delivery. If that seems like a high price, that’s because it is. Generally speaking, chrome wheels are expensive, to begin with. Combine that with the exclusive nature of Supreme products, and you have the makings of a pricey set of wheels.

Despite their price tag, the wheels are currently sold out, and they are currently not taking any more orders. We speculate that in about 10 to 12 weeks, we will start seeing the wheels pop up on Tik Tok and Instagram influencer pages or maybe a music video.


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