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Pickup truck owners seem to love customizing their vehicles. Especially if it makes them more ready for adventure. Now, Ford Maverick owners have the ability to turn their compact pickup into a true weekend warrior, thanks to a new camper. While folks have been building their own campers for the Maverick, now an aftermarket company called GFC is building one. And that makes the Maverick a small truck that is truly ready for adventure.

Can you add a camper to the Ford Maverick?

Aftermarket company GFC has made a platform camper for the Ford Maverick. It has a cost of $7,700, which isn’t cheap, but you do get something that is quality. According to Car and Driver, it has a 7.5-foot living area plus a 50-inch by 90-inch sleeping surface. GFC even includes a foam mattress so you can fully take advantage of the space. 

A Ford Maverick truck equipped with the GFC Platform Camper.
2022 Ford Maverick | GFC

The unit adds about 260 pounds to the Maverick, and it fits perfectly within this small truck’s pickup bed. In total, it does add 6.5-inches of height to the Maverick. So keep that in mind if you are going into any tight spaces. 

When can you buy the GFC camper for the Maverick?

GFC reports that the camper platform will be available in about eight weeks. If you do not want to install the camper yourself, GFC will do it for you at its facility in Bozeman, Montana. But that might come with an additional fee. There is also a shipping fee to have the camper delivered to you. 

Is it worth it to buy a camper for your truck?

With a cost of over $7,000, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to purchase a truck camper. That is especially true with the Ford Maverick, which has a starting cost of around $20,000. Essentially, the GFC camper will turn your Maverick into a sort of RV. And it should not have a huge impact on fuel economy. If you enjoy camping, buying a truck camper could be worth it. 

As a small truck, the Ford Maverick shows off that it can handle a camper.
Ford Maverick with camper | GFC

In the case of the GFC platform, it has things like locking sides and can be set up and torn down quickly. Plus, if you realize you aren’t using the camper as much as you thought you would, you shouldn’t have problems selling it on the used market. 

Is the Maverick good for camping?

With features like available all-wheel drive, and the ability to tow up to 4,000 lbs, the Maverick is a good pickup for camping. Plus, it is fairly affordable, which makes it a good value proposition. Ford even offers something called the FX4 package which makes the Maverick a solid small truck for light off-roading. 

The 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor shows off its capability.
Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

Perhaps the biggest issue with the Ford Maverick is buying one. If you can find one at a dealership, expect to pay a markup. And, even on the used market these pickups sell for over MSRP. But, the 2023 model is on the way, so if you act quickly, you should be able to order one.


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