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Shopping for a new compact truck? If you are someone in search of off-road capability, you may be wondering which is the right pick for you. The 2022 Ford Maverick has been a hot commodity since its announcement. So much so, that Ford had to stop taking orders due to the sheer amount of folks expressing interest. And although the new Maverick may be a compact, unibody truck, that does not mean it can’t be outfitted to be a capable small off-road truck.

What is the Ford Maverick FX4 Off-Road Package?

The FX4 Off-Road Package is an off-road-focused option for the new Ford Maverick. The package is available to both the Maverick Lariat and Maverick XLT trims. It is not available to the base model. It also requires that your Maverick is outfitted with all-wheel drive and the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

For Ford fans, the FX4 package has been offered to all of Ford’s trucks and many of its SUVs. It is designed to provide buyers with a vehicle that adds some capability. And that is no different for the 2022 Ford Maverick. Buyers who opt for this package will be able to enjoy front tow hooks, underbody skid plates, hill descent control and two additional drive modes.

Additionally, the heavy-duty engine fan and radiator help this truck stand up to heavy usage. In terms of visual cues, every Maverick equipped with the FX4 Off-Road Package will come outfitted with FX4 bedside graphics.

Is the Ford Maverick FX4 a good small off-road truck?

The tailgate of the Ford Maverick truck on display.
Ford Maverick | Scott Olson via Getty Images

The new Maverick is designed to be a capable vehicle, especially when equipped with the available FX4 package. That doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a dedicated off-roader though. It is still a unibody vehicle, designed for those who do not need a full-size truck. Although, it’s still a good small off-road truck.

That said, the FX4 package does contribute some decent off-road capability. The additional drive modes will allow buyers to optimize their drive for current conditions. Even if those conditions involve things like sand and mud.

Falkan all-terrain tires can be optioned on. Which will add to this vehicle’s ability to handle the road less traveled. Better yet, this truck retains the ability to haul and tow. Giving you room to bring your toys on your next off-road adventure. A trailer hitch is included in the package.

Should you opt for the FX4 Off-Road Package?

A Ford Maverick is shown off at an auto show.
Ford Maverick | Scott Olson via Getty Images

The Maverick is already an affordable truck, and the FX4 package will add just $800 to its price tag according to MotorTrend. Even if you don’t plan on putting your Ford truck through the wringer, the package will help you get to that isolated trailhead or campsite. 

Make no mistakes, the Ford Maverick is not designed to handle the type of conditions that the F-150 or even Ford Ranger can. But that is not what Ford is marketing this truck to do. It’s designed for buyers who want the utility of an open bed, but the driving characteristics of a crossover or car. 

When will Ford be taking orders for the Maverick?

The Ford Maverick truck sits on steel wheels in snowy conditions.
Ford Maverick | Scott Olson via Getty Images

The pause of Maverick orders is expected to last until summer. After which, the manufacturer will begin taking new orders. Orders will be for the 2023 model year, and you can still give Ford your information to stay in the loop on this exciting new truck.


Is the Ford Maverick a Truck?