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Perhaps you remember the original Ford Maverick, a sedan that first debuted in 1970. It came in an array of memorable colors, but what was really standout about the original Ford Maverick colors were their names. And while the Maverick of today – a pretty incredible pickup truck – also has some original color labels, they pale in comparison to the original Maverick. So what happened?

A mint green 1970s Ford Maverick
1970s Ford Maverick | Ford

The original Ford Maverick colors were amazing

The original Ford Maverick colors were pretty incredible. Some of these were Anti-Establish Mint, Hulla Blue, and Original Cinnamon. There’s also Freudian Gilt, Thanks Vermillion, and Meadowlark Yellow, according to Jalopnik. Other incredible colors include Candyapple Red, Black Jade, Champagne Gold, Gulfstream Aqua, and Brittany Blue. There were also Lime Gold, Dresden Blue, and Raven Black, as well as Wimbledon White.

These color names are pretty awesome. And Jalopnik points out that other Ford models at the time also had cool names, so it wasn’t a Maverick-specific thing. Yet did the trend of giving cars – and specifically the Ford Maverick – fun names continue? Well, kind of. The new Maverick certainly doesn’t have names like “Very Red,” yet they’re far from “Thanks Vermillion.”

What colors are the 2022 Ford Maverick?

Some of the more unique 2022 Ford Maverick colors include Cyber Orange, Velocity Blue, Cactus Gray, Area 51, Hot Pepper Red, and Alto Blue. Other new Maverick colors include Alto Blue Tinted Clearcoat Metallic, Carbonized Gray Metallic, Iconic Silver Metallic, Oxford White, and Shadow Black. Cool, but not 1970s Maverick cool.

So what happened? The toning down of colors and color names likely has to do with marketing and sales. Car companies will keep making anything that’s performing well, so it can only stand to assume that the original Ford Maverick in Freudian Gilt doesn’t do quite as well as Shadow Black.

Go Flat Out PH also notes that during World War I, people didn’t want to show off (it was a solemn time, after all), and so the most popular car color was black. After World War II, however, people were prosperous and joyful, and that was when the advent of extreme car colors really began. This lasted throughout the 1970s.

Most cars are white

It’s boring, but it’s true. White is by far the most popular car color. Even looking at the names for white in the 1970s Ford Maverick and the 2022 Maverick, they’re kind of toned down. Wimbledon White and Oxford White don’t exactly elicit the same edgy tone as Anti-Establish Mint. And maybe that’s what people like – buttoned up, crisp white cars.

Of course, there are other popular choices. Like black. And gray. Okay, so none of the favorite color choices are that exciting. For now, white remains a safe choice, and a stylish one at that. If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ll likely come across a whole slew of white cars. And remember, their resale value is higher than hot pink, so don’t get too tempted to pay extra for a custom paint job.


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