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The pickup truck market is one of the most competitive automotive industry. With the small size and hybrid powertrain of the Ford Maverick, some people can’t tell whether or not it’s a truck. Although it has a pickup truck bed, that’s not the only feature that qualifies a truck. The Ford Maverick is surprisingly impressive for its size and fuel economy, but is it really a pickup truck?

The Ford Maverick is Ford’s smallest pickup truck offering

2022 Ford Maverick, it has a pickup truck bed, but is it a truck?
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

Ford makes a lot of pickup trucks ranging from massive to tiny. Until now, the smallest one available was the Ford Ranger compact truck, but the Maverick is even tinier than that. Put it next to an F-350, and you’ll see the difference. There are no baseline requirements for what makes an official pickup truck. However, if there were, the Ford Maverick would meet every requirement on the list, other than size.

The Maverick will easily compete with other small pickup trucks on the market. Especially when consumers see the price for which it comes. Not just the base model either, even the most expensive Lariat trim level fails to exceed $30,000. That makes it one of the most affordable trucks on the market, and it’s competent.

What makes the Maverick a truck?

A Ford Maverick has a pickup truck bed, like any good compact pickup.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

As Road and Track stated, it’s easy to write off the Ford Maverick as “not a real truck.” However, when you see what this thing can do, that thought won’t cross your mind again. Its 191-horsepower, 2.5-liter hybrid powertrain feels better than expected and astoundingly gets over 40 mpg. Haven’t you always wanted a fuel-efficient pickup as your daily driver?

Additionally, the Ford Maverick can tow up to 2,000 pounds. When equipped with the non-hybrid EcoBoost engine and 4K tow package, that number rises to 4,000 pounds. That’s pretty impressive for a truck starting at $19,995 and measuring just 200-inches in length. That’s 50-inches smaller than the biggest F-150 and only about a 7,000-pound towing capacity difference. Not to mention the tens of thousands saved by buying a Maverick.

Road and Track took a Maverick for a test drive in the city and even noted how easy it is to maneuver. A truck of this size is perfect for someone needing a little more capability and a little more cargo space in a tiny compact truck.

Ford Maverick pickup truck bed

The Ford Maverick pickup truck’s bed measures 54-inches long. That’s 18-inches smaller than the standard six-foot bed most small pickup trucks have. Although a lot comes with five-and-a-half foot options, so the Maverick’s is nothing out of the ordinary. As long as most people can fit a few extra things in the back, that’s all they’ll use it for. If you’re looking for a work truck to fit lumber and plywood into, the Maverick probably isn’t for you.

In addition, the Ford Maverick comes with some cool bed features. The Maverick FLEXBED system is designed to provide versatile cargo storage and organization solutions with a multi-position tailgate. Some features include slots to use lumber to subdivide the bed, 12 anchor points, and standard 12-volt outlets. Additionally, the bed’s rail caps extend from the bed up all the sides for dent protection while loading or unloading on the sides of the truck.

Ford Maverick FLEXBED features include:

  • Optional storage cubbies
  • Four threaded DIY bed holes
  • Eight bed tie-downs
  • Two 2×6 pockets
  • Eight 2×4 pockets
  • Two 12V outlets
  • A tailgate bottle opener
  • Optional 120V outlet

Should you buy a Ford Maverick pickup truck?

In conclusion, the Ford Maverick is a small pickup truck. It’s just as capable of storing heavy objects and towing as many other small pickups. Next, it has a versatile truck bed that provides excellent features. If you’re looking for a pickup truck for working and hauling massive loads, it might not be the right choice. However, not everyone needs a massive, lifted truck with ridiculous power. The Ford Maverick is the perfect option for anyone who wants to drive a truck every day, get great gas mileage, and have ample capability when it’s needed.


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