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YouTube has made a great many people unimaginably wealthy by pulling insane, stupid, dangerous, harsh, yet, also kind stunts. Mr. Beast is one of the most successful of these internet people. His success, in many ways, comes from his elaborate acts of charity and generosity. However, one of his more recent stunts garnered some criticism after he gave a car to a waitress as a tip. How could anyone get in trouble for giving away a new Toyota Corolla

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Who is Mr. Beast? 

YouTube has an ever-revolving crop of temporary celebrities that enjoy their few seconds of fame. While there are too many of these flashes in the pan to count, some stand the test of time, and Mr. Beast – but as his momma knows him (probably), Jimmy Donaldson – is one of them. 

YouTube Brandcast 2022 step and repeat with Mr. Beast.
Mr. Beast attends the YouTube Brandcast 2022 | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Youtube

He is one of the most famous of this kind of modern celebrity. He made his fame by filming himself showing people hard-to-believe levels of generosity. In this most recent example, he tipped a waitress a new Toyota Corolla. However, there is a weird catch that has angered some other internet people. 

Why are people mad at Mr. Beast?

According to CarScoops, after the recent act of generosity, some commentators are accusing the YouTube star of using this extreme “generosity” as a way to manipulate people and market his company. 

Honestly, this isn’t up for debate. If one’s generosity must be filmed and then profited off of in order for it to happen, is it even really generosity? Helpful, maybe, but generous? The internet isn’t so sure. 

While it’s true that Mr. Beast did actually give his server a new Toyota Corolla, it had the name of his company written across the side of it. It’s hard to say if the logo of Mr. Beast’s chocolate bar company and branding written down the side of the car is painted on or just a wrap. While the YouTuber always profits from his “generosity,” this one felt a little more upfront, which is what seems to have the internet upset. “So basically, she has to do promotion for his company by driving the car,” one person tweeted.

By now, we all know the internet is not a place for the gentle. The comments ranged from plainly expressing distaste to far more aggressive and vitriolic language. 

What else has Mr. Beast done? 

He has paid for 1,000 non-seeing people to get cataract surgery, gifted many millions of dollars, cars, and planes, and even gave away a private island. Whether or not you believe the means justify the ends or not, Mr. Beast’s “charity” begs some pretty interesting questions. 

These days, giving away a new car, even one as plain as a Toyota Corolla, is no small gesture. Many Americans are struggling to keep up with the flood of rising costs. The car market is one of the more egregious examples of this paradigm shift. So, did the YouTube man’s profit from giving away a new car undo the help it gave the waitress – even if the car did say his company’s name on it?