5 Reasons the Toyota Corolla is Still the Most Sold Car on Earth

The Toyota Corolla is a global favorite. It’s one of the most well known automotive models on the market. The Toyota Corolla is safe, reliable, and manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the world. The Corolla accounts for 1 out of every 5 Toyotas sold.

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Corolla models are seen on roads from India to the United States. Its inconspicuous presence across the globe has reached massive numbers. Here are five reasons the Toyota Corolla is still the most sold car on Earth.

1. It’s widely available

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most widely available cars in the world. Since it began production in 1966, the Corolla has sold over 45 million units worldwide.

This safe, reliable vehicle is the daily driver of millions of people spanning multiple continents. The Toyota Corolla is one of the most sold vehicles on Earth simply because it is one of the most massively produced. Factories worldwide produce high numbers of Corolla models to keep up with the steady global demand.

2. It keeps getting better

The 2020 Toyota Corolla has just been released at the 12th generation of these sturdy sedans. Continuous innovation by Toyota means the Corolla gets updated every few years. Each new generation brings some upgraded features to this long-lived sedan.

Toyota continues to integrate breakthrough technology to improve safety and make the Corolla increasingly user friendly. Each generation gets a complete redesign and the 2020 Toyota Corolla is a prime example of what keeps this car competitive in its class.

3. The trusted Corolla name

Over the years, the Toyota Corolla has become a household name when it comes to car models. This trusted name is stamped on sedans, hatchbacks, and sport models around the globe.

The hatchback Corolla is a popular choice.

The Corolla name inspires trust in potential buyers, making them more likely to purchase a Toyota Corolla model. Toyota has definitely used this to its advantage to boost global sales.

4. The Corolla gets great gas mileage

Gas mileage has long been a popular determining factor for anyone looking to buy a vehicle. The Toyota Corolla doesn’t fall short where miles per gallon is concerned.

The 2020 Toyota Corolla gets 31 mpg in the city and 40 on the highway. The Hybrid version of the new Corolla has even better fuel efficiency –– over 50 miles to the gallon.

5. It’s been in production for over 50 years

The globally beloved Toyota Corolla has been manufactured worldwide since 1966. That means that for over half a century this car has been growing in popularity and contributing to Toyota’s auto sales.

The Corolla’s time in production is undoubtedly conducive to exponentially increasing the number of units sold in the world.

The Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is available on a number of continents and manufactured in a dozen different countries. Its fan base spans farther than ever before. Although the Corolla costs buyers anywhere from around $12,000 in Japan to over $20,000 in Portugal, it’s a good car for the money.

Good enough, at least, to attract millions of buyers each year. The Corolla is still the best selling car on Earth and sales aren’t likely to drop drastically in any long term way. The 12th generation Toyota Corolla will only add to the number of units sold over the years.