2020 Subaru Legacy: Its Biggest Weak Spot Can be Fixed for $12,000

The Subaru Legacy is just that: one of Subaru’s legacies. It’s known for being a safe and reliable car. All-wheel drive comes standard on the Legacy base model. This feature helps this car stand out in the pack of other sedans like the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. And, according to this Carfax report, its biggest weak spot can be fixed for $12,000.


The 2020 Legacy starts at $22,745, so it’s a good value. This car has a lot to offer, but it’s definitely not perfect. The new Subaru Legacy does fall a little short in some areas. Not to worry ––– it’s nothing an expensive upgrade won’t solve.

It’s for the buyer to decide whether or not that twelve thousand dollar upgrade is actually worth it. There may be many people who look past the 2020 Legay’s weak spot and see its safety and practicality.

What’s new for 2020

Subaru has improved some features on the 2020 model of the Legacy. For instance, the 2020 model has a “significantly nicer” interior. The upgraded luxury and improved infotainment system giving the 2020 Subaru Legacy a competitive edge in its class amongst others such as the Mazda 6 or the Nissan Altima.

In addition, Subaru’s signature “EyeSight” safety suite is standard on all trims for 2020. The esteemed Subaru safety won’t cost you extra, because it’s now featured even on the base model.

What is the 2020 Legacy’s weak spot?

The Subaru Legacy handles corners with ease and has a 182 horsepower engine. Not bad for a car in its class. The only problem is that it apparently doesn’t feel too powerful out there on the road.

The continuous variable automatic transmission doesn’t make matters any better because the engine is prone to drone when the driver accelerates. All in all, the legacy is majorly lacking in power.

The power from the 2020 Legacy engine doesn’t give the driver a strong feeling of the horsepower it boasts. If you try to get a little extra out of this transmission, the Subaru Legacy falls short.

Upgrade to turbo for twelve grand

If you want a more robust engine on your 2020 Subaru Legacy, the option for turbo will cost an additional $12,000. This safe sedan isn’t meant to be a racecar, but Subaru does offer a version of the Legacy with a more powerful turbo engine.

So if you want the standard features of the new Subaru Legacy in addition to the turbo package, be prepared to shell out some extra cash. It’s ultimately up to the buyer to decide whether that turbo power is really worth the extra cost.

The 2020 Subaru Legacy

Apart from the tame engine acceleration, the Legacy does have its plus sides. The new interior takes the previous Legacy design up a few notches, and the back seat roomy with plenty of headroom.

With a smooth and comfortable ride, competitive gas mileage, and enough trim options to make it interesting, the 2020 Subaru Legacy might be worth a second glance. But if it’s a big beefy motor with enhanced accelerating power get ready to pay $12,000 more for the turbo engine.