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How to Transport Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV,

How to Transport Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV, Car, or Uber

A lot of work goes into cooking a holiday dinner. If you plan on taking your Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday dinner to-go in your RV, car, or uber, check out these tips. The holiday season is a popular time for travel so be sure to buckle up if you are traveling on the …
Mercedes-Benz car driven through the wall of an apartment building to show the need to insure a car

This Bare-Bones Minivan Is the Cheapest Car to Insure

In addition to things like monthly payments and maintenance costs, the cost of car ownership costs includes insurance. However, if you want to pay as little as possible for car insurance, then take a look at this bare-bones minivan, which is the cheapest car to insure.
A blue light on top of a police car, potentially taking car of illegal activity.

Is It Illegal to Beep Your Horn at a Cop Car?

There are some instances online where drivers are getting tickets, and it's prompting the question, is it illegal to beep at a cop? There's more to understanding when you can and can't honk than you might think. After reading these stories and examples, you might think twice before laying on the horn.