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Like it or not, excess will always have a place in our world. Volkner has built its name on the idea that more is better. In fact, the Volkner Performance S motorhome made quite the buzz at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon when it showed up as the most expensive motorhome on the market by a wide margin. The RV itself starts at a cool $2.4 million but takes a sharp turn north with every six-figure option. Not to mention the cool seven-figure cargo, a Bugatti Chiron

The Volkner Performance S pictured here is the most expensive motorhome in the world and has a garage for your Bugatti Chiron
Volkner Performance S | Volkner

What is the most expensive motorhome in the world? 

As New Atlas mentions, most of us thought the Ferrari Stowing Dembell would take the cake for the most expensive motorhome, but it just got left in the dust. 

Volkner didn’t just turn up out of nowhere to capitalize on the camper craze; it has been flexing its super-luxury RVs for over 10 years now. Volkner is known for cramming sporty little numbers underneath its floors, but sticking a $3,000,000 hypercar below is a whole new level of over the top. 

Although the Bugatti Chiron costs a bit more than the base-model Volkner Performance S motorhome, it can be overshadowed pretty quickly once a customer starts getting a few options. However, there are no options that can make the Volkner’s 430-hp powertrain stack up against the Bugatti’s 1,480 horsepower. But that’s not really the point. 

What makes this motorhome so expensive?  

The interior of the Performance S is covered in high-quality materials and loads of light
Volkner RV interior | Volkner

Let’s deal with the mobile garage feature first. While pulling a hypercar out from under your motorhome is undeniably cool and excessive, Volkner understands that most customers will use this space for more practical storage like bikes, small watercraft, and motorcycles. 

Although the garage is clearly the headliner, the interior is nothing to shake a stick at. The Performance S is littered with high-quality materials, beautiful color pallets, and style out the wazoo. 

The “brilliant Dark” exterior paint is deep and truly marvelous. However, the interior follows suit with a variety of exotic wood trims, beautiful upholstery, and an optional sound system with massive speakers. Volkner and Burmester optimized this premium audio system for the Performance S cabin. Volkner puts the cost of that sound system alone at $354,000, adding to the display model’s eye-watering price tag and excessive appeal. 

Where is the competition? 

The Volkner Performance S pictured here is the most expensive motorhome in the world and has a garage for your Bugatti Chiron
Volkner Performance S | Volkner

Demebell brought a similar luxury motorhome/mobile garage with a Ferrari California stowed beneath its floorboards. However, compared to the Volkner, the Dembell looks like your grandma’s old Winnebago. 

The sounds system in the Volkner alone costs more than the Demell Ferrari. If that’s not a flex, I don’t know what is. 

While the Dembell is pretty, it just can’t keep up with the most expensive motorhome in the world. The Performance S show model brings plenty of style as well as practicality. It has a massive amount of onboard power thanks to a lithium battery bank, a 2,000-W rooftop solar array, and an 8-kW generator. 

Additional standard and available Performance S amenities include a full kitchen with induction cooktop, oven, microwave, espresso machine, a wine cabinet, a computer workstation, and a multi-zone heating system with four individual heaters. 

The most expensive motorhome in the world can’t be touched

Between the pricy cargo, endless amounts of custom interior elements, and a nearly half-a-million-dollar sound system, the Volkner Performance S can easily hit a price tag of $7.7 million. 

If you spend some time with the specs and photos, you can almost see why. (Hell, this thing is far nicer than anywhere I’ve ever lived.) The question is, how many people actually want something like this? Well, considering the amount of ultra-luxury campers at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon this year, the answer may be more than any regular folks would have thought. 


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