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If there was any thought that the RV boom was waning, think again. RV living has changed a great deal in only a handful of years. Aside from the sheer amount of options, the options themselves are getting nicer, much nicer. The newest RV from Living Vehicle is a luxury camper like we’ve never seen before. This luxury camper is so nice you might mess around and sell your actual house. 

2022 Living Vehicle luxury camper is one of the finest RVs on the market. See its plethora of solar panels adding to is sustainability promise
2022 Living Vehicle luxury camper | Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle is a luxury camper that might make you rethink your life 

Living Vehicle is a camper trailer maker that has dramatically stepped up the luxury camper game. According to Yahoo News, Living Vehicle’s new 2022 high-end trailer is perfect for the ultimate “off-grid” experience. 

LV’s co-founders, Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, went all out by making the 2022 model more capable, stylish, and sustainable. With a completely new energy system, upgraded solar system, additional energy storage, and inverter power, the Living Vehicle luxury camper won’t contribute to your carbon footprint while having the comfort of a resort hotel.

Living Vehicle founders want you to experience a free and sustainable luxury lifestyle

Side shot of a 2022 LV camper with people sitting outside
2022 Living Vehicle luxury camper | Living Vehicle

“We designed Living Vehicle with freedom in mind, granting travelers the ability to experience every corner of the country and stay connected and comfortable along the way. Our new 2022 Living Vehicle builds on the success of our past models while enabling owners to travel even further and live truly sustainably along the way,” said Matthew Hofman in a statement.

As more people join in the camper life, the market has to open up to accommodate all these different types of people. Not only that, but camper makers have to start thinking more about sustainability as these vehicles are often meant for the more wild parts of the world. 

“Mobile living is a thrill all its own and one that is right for the times. With our new 2022 Living Vehicle, owners have everything they need to discover the wonders that wait around the next bend and enjoy them in luxury and style,” added Joanna Hofman.

What makes this luxury camper so luxurious? 

a couple sitting in the master bed room of the 2022 LV
2022 Living Vehicle master bedroom | Living Vehicle

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The Living Vehicle camper is not small. This mansion on wheels sports 232 square feet of interior space. The 2022 LV has an impressive kitchen, including a removable cooking island, a 13 cubic feet all-electric solar refrigerator, and a European-style marine three-burner oven. 

The new LV rocks a Queen-size bed in the back with a fancy cooling memory foam mattress. This massive bed also sits below a “starview” skylight. The bedroom can also transform into a media room with a 70-inch private home theater with surround sound while you’re not sleeping.

The bathroom is referred to as “spa-styled.” It features a spacious 32-inch x 36-inch shower with a rainfall showerhead, walnut finishes, and natural, durable materials. If that isn’t nice enough, it could be customized to include a hardwood back-wall panel in the shower, foldable teak and stainless-steel shower seat, electric toilet with bidet, and outdoor shower.

If you don’t like it, customize it

The LV luxury camper has 20 different customizable layouts to guarantee something for every customer. The RV is splattered with large windows, hi-fi speakers, remote security, auto-leveling, and fancy towing tech. 

The 2022 LV has four different models. Prices start at $249,995 for the CORE model. This includes 1,320 kilowatts of solar energy, 14.4-kilowatt energy capacity, and a five-kilowatt hybrid inverter.  

As the trim levels increase, so does the power capacity, materials quality, and other features until you get to the top trim PRO-EV priced at an eye-watering $500,000. For that model, you may have to sell your home whether you want to or not.