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The 2025 Mini Cooper EV is coming first as a two-door electric hatchback, and it’s getting a new look to go with it. Not only does the new Mini Cooper EV look great, but it looks to build a new legacy as we head into the electric vehicle era.

The 2025 Mini Cooper EV delivers improved performance

2025 Mini Cooper EV interior
2025 Mini Cooper EV interior | Mini

The biggest knock on the current-generation Mini EV is its lack of performance and range. The 2025 Mini Cooper EV deals with both of those issues thanks to an improved battery pack and electric motor setup. The entry-level E gets 181 horsepower and a single motor on the front axle. And in the 2025 Mini Cooper SE, 215 horsepower heads up front.

Importantly, Mini isn’t saying which versions of the electric Cooper are coming to U.S. showrooms. We expect the SE to make an appearance, but the jury is still out regarding the cheaper 181-horsepower variant.

Either way, the new Mini Cooper SE should be capable of hitting 60 mph in around six seconds. The current car can do so in 6.1 ticks, so don’t be surprised to see the updated version match or exceed that pace.

Range improvements in the new Mini Cooper SE

For 2025, the paltry 114-mile range from the current Cooper SE jumps to 200 miles. A new 58.4 kWh battery far outstrips the previous version, which had just 28.9 kWh on board. That doesn’t put the new Mini at the head of the pack, but it does make it a respectable electric commuter. In addition, fast-charging will be available in all iterations of the new electric Mini, so keeping the road trip going won’t take more than 30 minutes.

Stunning design inside and out

Mini Cooper SE rear
2025 Mini Cooper SE | Mini

Most of our earlier reporting on the 2025 Mini Cooper revolved around the design, and those details have all come to fruition. The updated front end features a slightly less rounded front grille, and the classic headlight design now includes rectangular elements in the center

Around the back, the triangular tail lights are easily the biggest change from the current Cooper generation, and they look appropriately futuristic and quirky.

What we didn’t have before was a good look at the interior. However, the simpler design features a single round display smack in the center. No instrument cluster and simple HVAC switches keep the new Mini’s cabin wildly minimalistic. It’s a bold take, and it’ll take some getting used to. Overall, though, it’s stunning to look at and we can’t wait for a hands-on test.

Will there be a gas-powered 2025 Mini Cooper?

Mini Cooper EV interior
Interior tech in the 2025 Cooper Electric | Mini

While today’s news is all about the Cooper EV, Mini is planning a gas-powered Mini Cooper and a new John Cooper Works hot hatch with a new body style. We have scant few details on either but expect whatever 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder BMW is using to end up in the next-generation Mini hatchbacks.

When will the 2025 Mini Cooper be available?

Right now, there is no official date for delivery for the 2025 Mini Cooper. However, we expect to see the EVs land next summer, with gas-powered and JCW models to follow in the fall of 2024 or spring 2025.


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