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Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: the 2024 Mini Cooper looks weird. However, weird isn’t necessarily bad. The littlest Mini has always been a quirky customer. That weirdness is part of the draw. So with that, we dive into what we know so far about the upcoming Mini Cooper hatch.

Uncamouflaged spy shots show the new Mini design

As initially reported by AutoExpress, the 2024 Mini Cooper was shown in full for the first time. The photos, snapped during a commercial filming session, give us our first look at the updated design of Mini’s flagship model.

While we’ll get to the more noteworthy changes in a bit, one switch we’re particularly excited about involves the wheel arches. Gone is the black cladding that has added an odd sense of crossover styling to the compact hatchback. Now, the arches are a simple, clean body panel that gives the new Cooper a more sporty look.

Other, more noticeable changes include a funky new taillight design. Rather than the rounded rectangles of old, the new look includes triangular tails that connect to a gloss black panel on the hatch.

As always, the Cooper flares toward the bottom, giving it a wider, more athletic stance. However, this go-round proves to be the most aggressive. From the windows, the body immediately kicks out nearly three inches, and it makes for a dramatic stance from the compact hatch.

The side profile is more or less the same, with a raked rear window that enhances the hot hatch vibe. Meanwhile, the front-end design is traditionally Mini, though there are some subtle changes to note. For one, the headlights now feature a pair of parallel lines cutting horizontally at the top and bottom. The LED outline is still present as well, and there appears to be a pair of projectors inside the housing.

Other front-end tweaks for the 2024 Mini Cooper include a body-colored bumper panel, replacing the all-black grille insert of years past. Plus, a white outline traces the entire insert, though we don’t know if that will feature on every new Mini model.

New Mini Cooper features

A red 2021 Mini Cooper Hardtop city car model
2021 Mini 2-Door Hardtop | BMW OF NORTH AMERICA, LLC.

The 2024 Mini Cooper is still under wraps, so to speak. Not much is known other than the powertrain selections. There will still be a turbocharged, gas-powered Mini for this generation, along with a dedicated EV sharing the same bodywork.

Considering the brand’s ties to BMW, we also expect a manual transmission option, updated infotainment, and a smartphone app. We’ll be sure to confirm further details once we know more.

Impressions of the new-look Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper has a cult following these days, and it seems as though this model should keep everyone happy. The taillight change may ruffle a few features, but it is an attractive upgrade when removing heritage from the equation.

Overall, the 2024 Mini Cooper is as attractive as ever and should be a hit when it arrives next year. Honestly, we’re just happy there are still small, fun cars coming to American showrooms these days.

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