You’re Missing Out on This Electric Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers are a surprisingly sporty and versatile car that seems to be underrated by most extents. As far as rally cars and sports cars, these spunky cars have a lot to offer, and in most places, they aren’t all that common. These cute and capable compact cars are getting a leg up, with the addition of an electric drivetrain, the Mini Cooper could be unstoppable.

An electric hot hatch

The MINI electric is a variation of the popular hot hatch featuring an all-electric drivetrain. It’s a newer addition to the line of sporty vehicles, but it doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention as MINI enthusiasts could hope. As an electric car, you don’t lose much from the MINI, in fact, it might just be a step in the right direction for the brand.

MINI Electric or Mini Cooper SE compact all electric retro design car on display at Brussels Expo
The Mini Electric Hardtop | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

An electric option

Perhaps the brand did something smart by offering an all-electric version of an already popular vehicle. For many MINI owners, there is a lot of pride in the brand, and after all, the cars themselves are pretty cool. By making an electric version of an already established car, skeptics of EVs can feel a bit more comfortable when purchasing a new vehicle as it will still have some familiarity. It also isn’t overly obvious of its electric nature, whereas vehicles like the Mustang Mach-E and Teslas stand out.

a white electric mini cooper with bright yellow trim
MINI Electric or Mini Cooper SE compact all electric retro design car | Sjoerd van der Wal, Getty Images

Performance and practicality

As a compact two-door, the electric MINI offers a generous amount of comfort. While the car looks small from the outside, it has a decently roomy interior that would make it comfortable to drive for hours on end — or as long as far as the battery will take you in one charge. Just like standard gasoline-powered models, the electric MINI zips in and out of traffic with precision and agility, offering quite a bit of pep when you press on the accelerator.

A close up of the electric logo on the new Mini Cooper
An E logo sits on a Mini Cooper SE electric automobile | Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg, Getty Images

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This electric MINI might be the perfect stepping stone for buyers looking to get into an electric vehicle without changing things up completely. As a car itself, this spunky hatch offers a surprising amount of performance and practicality.