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When it comes to small cars that offer an abundance of comfort and performance, few automakers stand out like MINI. MINI has made its mark on the automotive world with its compact and well-equipped cars that are fun to drive. For drivers who want a new MINI but want upgrades to performance, a new John Cooper Works MINI is a great choice.

What does John Cooper Works mean?

In 2002, Michael Cooper, the son of John Cooper, created John Cooper Works, an in-housing tuning center for MINI. This addition allows drivers to get something ready to handle more adventures with a sense of confidence and poise.

John Cooper Works allows drivers the best chance to enjoy more performance for modern MINI models. Above all, models that have undergone the John Cooper Works treatment receive extra power, more agile handling, and a selection of other performance parts that make these models a blast to drive.

In many ways, John Cooper Works allows drivers to have a small car that is plenty capable on the road as it is on track.

What upgrades does this treatment give you?

the rear end of a mini clubman john cooper works showing off the sports exhuast
Rear End of MINI Clubman John Cooper Works | MINI

The John Cooper Works treatment is available for four different models such as:

  • Hardtop 2 Door
  • Convertible
  • Clubman ALL4
  • Countryman ALL4

These four models offer drivers a vast selections of upgrades with the goal of making every drive more exciting. First, each model uses an upgraded and award-winning turbocharged engine. The first engine produces 228 horsepower in the MINI Hardtop 2 Door and MINI Convertible. Stepping into either the MINI Clubman ALL4 or MINI Countryman ALL4 will allow you to experience 301 horsepower from that same turbocharged engine. That boost in power can be a welcome addition to any drive.

The second round of upgrades comes under the car. The sport exhaust allows you to enjoy a more exciting sound and enable the engine to breathe more freely. There is also an optional suspension system from Nitron with adjustable front and rear dampers. Furthermore, drivers can enjoy standard Brembo brakes and an electronically locking front differential. Car and Driver noted that the suspension in all four models is firm, which can be unpleasant for some drivers. 

Consider the limited edition Pat Moss Edition of the MINI Hardtop 2 Door if you want these upgrades and then some. All of these upgrades will ensure that drivers of all types can enjoy more adventures.

Is the John Cooper Works upgrade worth it?

a mini hardtop 2 door anniversary edition parked showing off the visual upgrades
A MINI Hardtop 2 Door Anniversary Edition | MINI

With such an extensive set of upgrades, it’s not surprising that there is a price increase. Each model starts at over $40,000, and the price increase is not just the result of the performance upgrades. Many upgrades can make your ride a bit more comfortable inside each model.

Despite the price increase, the upgrades offered can make these models quite a bit more special. With unique exterior design aspects, a unique interior, and of course, a vast selection of performance upgrades, one of these John Cooper Works models can certainly be worth the upgrade.

These four models make driving around town a better time with stand out styling and remarkable performance. Purchasing a John Cooper Works model is the choice for you if you’d like to enjoy every drive more.

A John Cooper Works MINI is the MINI more drivers want

two mini hardtop 2 door pat moss edition models
A MINI Hardtop 2 Door Pat Moss Edition | MINI

In today’s automotive market, the chance to get a sporty and compact model can certainly be a more enjoyable experience. These four-unique models offer drivers a wonderful sense of performance and comfort. If you’d like a new MINI, consider shopping for a model that has received the John Cooper Works treatment.


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