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Last week, we took a look at some spied images of the upcoming Mini Cooper as it was filming in California. Now the BMW-owned brand offers some official data to let us know what’s coming for the iconic hatchback. Slated for the 2025 model year, the new Mini Cooper switches things up while remaining true to its roots.

2025 Mini Cooper
2025 Mini Cooper | Mini

Both electric and gas-powered models confirmed

We’ve known for a while now that the next Mini Cooper would be offered with both gasoline and electric powertrains, and the latest images confirm that hypothesis. The official photos from Mini show a Cooper S model with no visible tailpipes. This all-but confirms that we’re looking at an EV version of the iconic compact. Complete with black lower trim and a white roof, some classic Mini touches remain for the next-generation model.

New design elements

Rear shot of the 2025 Mini Cooper showing new triangular tail lights
2025 Mini Cooper rear | Mini

With the upcoming changes to the Mini Cooper, a few iconic touches remain. The two-tone look is here to stay, and the current images show a white roof with black pillars and blue body panels. However, it’s likely that a black roof will also be available as an option, as will body-color and multitone options in the current model.

The rear lights now feature a triangular look that replaces the longstanding rounded-rectangle design. Up front, the round headlights remain, however there are additional elements. A pair of parallel lines now runs horizontally across the headlights, providing a new lighting signature without changing the iconic round headlight design.

The electric Mini keeps the iconic face

Even with the electric powertrain, the 2025 Mini Cooper EV keeps the same classic looks for the new generation. Though the shape has slightly sharper corners than before, the wide grille is instantly recognizable for longtime Mini fans, according to Car and Driver.

Currently only the electric version has broken cover, featuring a body-colored panel across the majority of the grille opening. A small opening cuts across the bottom to cool the batteries and electric motors. Up top, a gloss black pane houses the radar sensors that feed information to the driver assistance systems.

A narrow window into the 2025 Mini Cooper interior

Side profile of the new Mini
2025 Mini Cooper side profile | Mini

While Mini hasn’t yet delivered any interior shots of the new Mini Cooper, we can glean a few minute details from these exterior shots.

For one, the round center display housing remains as a nod to the classic Mini cabin design. In addition, it appears that light gray or white leather upholstery will be an option alongside the classic tan and black choices 

Finally, a panoramic glass roof covers a majority of this 2025 Mini Cooper example, though it will likely come as an optional extra rather than standard kit.

The 2025 Mini Cooper ditches the cladding

Perhaps the biggest improvement to the 2025 Mini Cooper design is the lack of wheel arch cladding. This helps give the new Cooper a sleeker, hot-hatch look than previous generations. Despite similar dimensions to the current model, the new Mini Cooper looks more athletic thanks to this simplified design.

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