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Porsche has long been synonymous with high-performance internal combustion engine cars. But the German luxury automaker recently entered the EV arena with the all-electric Taycan. The EV sold well the year after its 2020 debut, even outperforming the legendary 911. However, Porsche Taycan sales declined in 2022 and continue to drop this year so far. Are Porsche enthusiasts balking at the brand’s EVs?

Porsche Taycan sales dropped in 2022

The Porsche Taycan experienced a dip in 2022. While the carmaker’s global sales increased during the fourth quarter of 2022 by 4% year-over-year to 88,372, its electric vehicles didn’t fare well, with sales down 16%. That includes all Taycan models, such as the sedan, Cross Turismo, and GTS. Porsche delivered 34,801 Taycan units in 2022, InsideEVs reports. 

However, Porsche says its SUVs remain popular, with 95,604 Cayenne units and 86,724 Macan units sold globally in 2022. 

Why are Porsche Taycan sales still declining?

Porsche has addressed the reasons for the floundering Taycan sales. The company blames “supply chain bottlenecks and limited component availability. Both issues affected the electric sports car in particular.” But board member Detlev von Platen remains optimistic about the brand’s outlook, noting, “On the sales side, results have been positive in 2022. Porsche is in a solid position. And we’re building on that basis.”

Overall U.S. sales numbers for the first quarter of 2023 look promising. According to Porsche, demand for its SUVs remains strong, with the Macan and Cayenne leading the charge. The report notes their combined growth is 52% from the previous year.

However, Taycan sales continue to drop. Porsche reported selling 1,925 units in Q1 2022 but 1,527 in Q1 2023 in the United States. Could that mean the Taycan isn’t living up to Porsche fans’ standards? It’s possible, considering the car doesn’t boast the best range among luxury EVs. But the more plausible reason is supply chain problems. It’ll be interesting to see year-end 2023 sales figures.

The 2023 Taycan at a glance

The 2023 Porsche Taycan is impressive to behold and drive. Offering three models — a sedan, the Cross Turismo wagon, and its high-performance GTS Sport Turismo twin — the EV is sleek, sporty, and packed with tech features and upscale amenities to enhance the experience.

They include four-zone climate control, massaging front seats, heated rear seats, and a heated steering wheel. The 2023 Porsche Taycan also comes standard with seating for four but offers an optional third seat in the back.

In addition, the 2023 Taycan touts impressive infotainment features. They include a curved 16.8-inch display, two centrally located touchscreens, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

The new model also boasts advanced driver-assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology. Remote-controlled parking and night vision are also available.

Despite those appealing features, the Taycan’s max EPA-estimated range of 246 miles can’t compete with rivals like the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air. 

And this EV doesn’t come cheap. The 2023 Taycan base model starts at $90,900.

Though Porsche claims demand for the Taycan remains strong, declining sales don’t look good. Time will tell if the brand’s first all-electric vehicle rebounds.


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