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We don’t blame you if you have always chosen to use Google Maps over Apple Maps for your navigation needs. However, if you’re the proud owner of a Porsche Taycan, you may want to reconsider using Apple’s software as your native navigator. Porsche recently announced that Taycan owners can now use Apple Maps EV routing, which is a game changer when using Apple CarPlay.

What is Apple Maps EV routing?

Porsche Taycan displaying Apple Maps
Porsche Taycan displaying Apple Maps | Porsche

According to Porsche, “Apple Maps EV routing uses real-time vehicle information to help you navigate to your destination, recommending charging stops when needed.” The system not only plots out the different charging stations along the way, but it also adjusts the recommendations based on your Taycan’s current state of charge.

It can even detect elevation changes along the way and recommend the nearest charging station based on how much the trip will eat up the range. Additionally, if the car’s charge gets too low, the system will offer a route to the nearest charging station to keep you on the road.

Is this feature only available for the Porsche Taycan?

A blue Porsche Taycan at an auto show
Porsche Taycan | Getty Images

The Apple Maps EV routing system is only available for all Taycan models. However, for 2021 model year cars and older, a software update from a Porsche dealership is necessary.

The Apple Maps EV routing guide is different from the Porsche Charging Planner

Although the Taycan is equipped with the Porsche Charging Planner, which uses the built-in navigation system, the Apple Maps EV routing is for the Apple Maps app. That means you no longer need to exit out of Apple CarPlay and switch to the navigation map to see the available charging stations. Instead, you can see everything you need right on the Apple Maps software itself.

Some of the information from your vehicle is sent to Apple Maps

2023 Porsche Taycan
2023 Porsche Taycan | Getty Images

While this feature is a great one to have, it’s worth noting that it does send some of your vehicle information to Apple Maps. Mainly the car’s battery information, energy consumption, vehicle model, and identifier information. If you like staying private, you may not want to use this app. Then again, all of our personal information is all over the Internet anyway.

Ultimately, if you’re the type of Porsche Taycan driver used to using Google Maps for directions, it could be time to return to Apple Maps. This feature could save you from calling a tow truck or having to hitchhike on your next long road trip.


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