Wishlist Wednesday: The 1970 MGB GT is Coolest British Sports Car

Vintage British sports cars have a certain air about them. Specifically, an oily and gassy air is both charming and annoying. But that is not what we are talking about today. Today we are getting into the beautiful and quirky world of the MGB GT.

Before I hear any scoffs, the MGB GT was not just a slow British sports car; it is a slow British sports car designed by the legendary design house, Pininfarina. What’s better than talking about an MGB GT? Answer: buying an MGB GT.

Bring a Trailer has an auction going currently for this beautiful 1970 MGB GT. These are woefully under-appreciated sports cars. Think of the MGB GT as the better looking Mazda Miata of the late sixties and early seventies. It’s small, nimble, and sporty without being super powerful. It is a great driver car that deserves more respect. So, let’s check out the one for sale here. 

The 1970 MGB GT overview

This MG is the best of the best spec. Sure, there are more valuable and rare MGs, but none are as good to drive and affordable as this. This MGB GT is finished in a semi-rare, Bronze yellow. In my opinion, this is the coolest color MG ever offered. Although this one was repainted, it was a factory Bronze yellow car.

1970 MGB GT
1970 MGB GT | Bring a Trailer, SFMGdude

Along with the color, 1970 is one of the best years for MGs across the board. After 1973 or so, the MGs got choked up by emissions regulations and lost the second carb option, making them way less cool. 

The MGB GT power train

So, the one possible downside of an MGB GT (other than British electronics) was that these motors did leave a little to be desired. The previous owner of this MG, at some point, had the original 1.8-liter four-cylinder motor overbored. He put in .040″-over pistons, Rimflo valves, and a ported aluminum cylinder head. This is a cool way to jam a little more power in a car that could really use a little jolt. The motor is fed by an aftermarket Weber DCOE 45 side-draft carburetor. 

1970 MGB GT
1970 MGB GT | Bring a Trailer, SFMGdude

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The previous owner added exhaust headers and a full stainless-steel exhaust system. Lastly, the owner replaced the original radiator with a new aluminum one with a pusher fan, an electronic ignition system, and an oil cooler. The current owner replaced the battery, the fuel pump, and upgraded to a 16-gallon fuel tank (Matter of fact, stop reading this. I might need this one).

What other tasty upgrades do we have?

This car has it all, man. It is fitted with VTO 14” alloy wheels with new 185/65 Hankook Optimo H727 tires with a matching spare. The original wire wheels look great on MGs but can be a huge hassle. New wheels are a strong upgrade. The rear brake cylinder was replaced, and the brake lines were flushed in early 2020. 

The best part is the MGB GT has a four-speed manual transmission with the electronic overdrive option. This can be a hard option to find on these cars. Without the OD option, an MG will get overtaxed driving at reasonable highway speeds. 

Nothing left but to hit the button

Y’all, somebody better snatch this thing up. If I weren’t an automotive journalist and could afford to buy a toy car, I’d be on this like mud on a hog. It really is the perfect spec MGB GT. 

The bid is at $4,500, with 5 days left with no reserve as of this writing. Good luck!