Italian Design House Pininfarina Is Building A Production SUV

The juggernaut Italian design house Carrozzeria Pininfarina is not only getting into the hyper-supercar arena with its Battista but is also in the midst of building a production SUV. Pininfarina has a legendary history going back to the first Ferraris and then on to larger companies and projects. It was started in 1930. But in 2020 it seems like any and every company sees the benefits of jumping into the EV SUV arena and Pininfarina is as capable as any company. The one image we have is of Automobili Pininfarina’s Pura Vision SUV. It will be unveiled at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August-providing the pandemic is not disrupting those plans.

Dellachá calls it a “Sustainable Luxury Vehicle” or SLUV. 

Pininfarina Pura Vision | Pininfarina

Paolo Dellachá is Pininfarina’s chief product officer. He told the UK’s Autocar that the purpose of the Pura Vision was to define a new segment for SUVs. Dellachá calls it a “Sustainable Luxury Vehicle” or SLUV. 

It takes some of the best elements of sports cars like a raked windshield, long-hood proportions, and short overhangs, and applies them to an SUV aesthetic. The SLUV is underpinned by the same EV platform as the Battista. It is a 1,000 bhp all-electric propulsion all developed by Pininfarina. This came about after its plans to use the Rivian skateboard fell through.

The Ferrari Purosangue may be the most direct competition with the Pura Vision. 

The 0-62 time is estimated to be 3.0 seconds with a 186 mph top speed. The range is said to be around 350 miles between charges. Plans call for it to be available in 2022, which is the same time as Ferrari’s Purosangue will become available. This may be the most direct competition with the Pura Vision. 

Another interesting feature is the all-glass roof. Yeah, we’d all go for that. Again, it exudes a sense of luxury while allowing a full view of the scenic surroundings on your off-road trek. The glass will reflect light to keep the interior from becoming a microwave oven. It is attached to an aluminum framework to help support the roof in case of a rollover. 

The Pura Vision is sort of like a fusion of the Lambo Urus and Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. 

Were it not for the raised centerline and taller body the Pura Vision would be almost like a traditional grand touring sedan. Pininfarina sees a gap that can be filled with this type of SUV. It took nods from both the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. The Pura Vision is sort of like a fusion of the two. 

Pininfarina Battista | Pininfarina

While plans for the Battista are to be assembled mostly by hand in Cambiano, Italy, the home of Pininfarina, the Pura Vision is expected to be more of a semi-mass produced vehicle. As such Pininfarina is looking for facilities in Italy to handle assembly. Though it has not revealed how many it expects to produce it is thought to be between 2,500 and 5,000 units. Only 150 of the Battista will be built. 

“You can burn through a lot of money becoming an electric car brand.” 

Financing has been backed by Pininfarina’s parent company Mahindra Group which has owned the design house for five years. But, it might be looking for more financing to be able to scale up in preparation for assembly. Former Pininfarina CEO Michael Perschke has stated in the past, “You can burn through a lot of money becoming an electric car brand.”

But then he added, “We’re not just a new kid on the block, we’re Pininfarina.” Yes, it is.