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While Elon Musk may have driven a working prototype, the Tesla Cybertruck still hasn’t arrived in public hands. As such, the auto industry as a whole continues to speculate about the electric truck’s aspects. Those who haven’t pre-ordered it yet, though, are likely wondering how much it costs to reserve the EV. So, here’s what you need to know about the Tesla truck price structure.

Will the Tesla truck price be within your budget?

The first stainless-steel Tesla Cybertruck concept on a track
Tesla Cybertruck concept | Tesla

Tesla first released the Cybertruck price structure in 2019. And even two years later, the Tesla truck price hasn’t changed, Tom’s Guide reports.

The cheapest Tesla Cybertruck is the Single Motor RWD model. It starts at $39,900; however, it’s unclear if that’s before or after any EV incentives. After the Single Motor RWD model comes the Dual Motor AWD trim. In this trim, the Tesla truck’s price increases to $49,900. And the most expensive trim is the Tri Motor AWD model, which starts at $69,900.

The rear 3/4 view of the stainless-steel Tesla Cybertruck concept on a desert track
Tesla Cybertruck concept rear 3/4 | Tesla

It’s worth pointing out that these Tesla Cybertruck prices don’t include the cost of ‘Full Self-Driving.’ To be clear, FSD is not a true self-driving feature; instead, it’s basically an enhanced ADAS suite. But if you want to order it for your Tesla truck, the price is $10,000.

As for pre-ordering the Cybertruck, Tesla asks for a $100 refundable deposit.

Have the Cybertruck specs changed?

Although the Tesla truck price layout hasn’t changed, the Cybertruck’s design may have. We’ve previously covered some of the issues and drawbacks the Tesla truck faces in coming to market. These include the side-mounted cameras instead of mirrors, the stainless-steel body panels, the not-actually-bulletproof windows, and the overall potential safety issues.

However, part of the hypothetical redesign might be a decreased curb weight. And that could mean the production Tesla Cybertruck’s acceleration figures are different, as are its towing and payload capacities. But as of this writing, this is what we know.

Tesla claims the Cybertruck with the lowest price, the Single Motor, goes 0-60 mph in under 6.5 seconds and can tow over 7500 pounds. The Dual Motor truck bumps that down to 4.5 seconds and up to over 10,000 pounds, respectively. And Tesla claims the Tri Motor Cybertruck goes 0-60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds and tows over 14,000 pounds.

As of this writing, Tesla hasn’t revealed the Cybertruck’s battery capacities. However, based on EPA testing procedures, the automaker claims the cheapest Cybertruck goes 250 miles on a charge. The Dual Motor and Tri Motor trims can go 300 miles and 500 miles, respectively.

What is the Tesla Cybertruck release date?

Musk initially claimed Cybertruck production would start in 2021, Autoweek reports. So, technically the Tesla truck release date is still feasible. And in a January 2021 investor call, Musk claimed the design team had “‘finished all the Cybertruck engineering,'” MotorTrend reports.

However, in that same call Musk also admitted “‘volume'” Cybertruck production likely wouldn’t start until 2022. Plus, the Tesla website states that Single Motor deliveries start a year after the Dual and Tri Motor deliveries. So, if you were thinking of getting the lowest-price Tesla truck, you might not get it until 2023.

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