Tesla Cybertruck Is Being Redesigned-Unveiling Next Month

According to a tweet from Tesla founder Elon Musk, the Cybertruck unveiled almost a year ago is being redesigned. To say it was a radical design is an understatement. Yet, for as strange and polarizing as it is Tesla has over 500,000 reservations for it. Musk says it will feature “small improvements” but what does that mean? So far there have been no leaks of what Tesla is up to. 

One of the first changes after the Cybertruck was released was its size

We submit these minor changes for the Tesla Cybertruck
We submit these minor changes for the Tesla Cybertruck

One of the first changes to occur soon after the Cybertruck was released was its size. The thing was huge. That’s not a problem unless you need to garage it at night or park it in typically small parking spaces. Then, it needs to fit. After a reality app indicated the Cybertruck would barely fit into a garage Tesla came up with some resizing.

According to Teslarati, it would become an inch narrower and six-inches shorter. The downsizing will be good for the US because of garage sizes. But it will also be good for Europe because of its narrow streets and tight roadways. So the reduction was a win-win. There have also been hints about increasing cargo capacity.

Another Cybertruck change is the addition of a midgate

Tesla Cybertruck Premiere 11-21-19-00
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

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One of the ways is with the added feature of a midgate. The rear window of the cab would be able to be retracted extending the length of what could be hauled. Musk has said in the past that the midgate idea was “worth considering.” But that wouldn’t change the styling of the Cybertruck. 

Musk has also teased that there would be a “zapper” as standard equipment. It would be activated for security reasons should someone try to jack the truck. Though a taser is legal in most states without the ability to monitor consumers and how they use it we doubt Tesla could make this available. 

Its extreme styling is exactly why it met with a rush of reservations

The Tesla Cybertruck reveal shows the truck on stage.
The Tesla Cybertruck on display | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The concern over changing the truck is that its extreme styling is exactly why it met with a rush of reservations. Toning it down, or otherwise changing it too much could spark a backlash. Musk is well aware of this and even commented about the disappointment he felt after seeing a show car that once produced looked nothing like the concept. “Car companies would unveil these awesome looking cars, like, great,” he says. “You can’t wait until they make that. And then the car they actually make is like much worse, and — but it’s just — it’s like really disappointing?” We share your pain, Elon.

What if the “small improvements” make for a less-radical Cybertruck?

Motorbiscuit Cybertruck
Motorbiscuit Cybertruck

So, what if the Cybertruck is less radical? What if the “small improvements” make for a less-radical Cybertruck? A while back MotorBiscuit made some minor suggestions for ways to improve the Cybertruck without taking the “Blade Runner” out of it. If what we proposed is the extent of the changes then we think those with reservations for the truck would be fine.

But messing around with it too much could alienate interested parties. Making it more mainstream could be the kiss of death. We’re sure Elon and company know this but it’s worth mentioning just to make sure.