Tesla Cybertruck May Get an Option Found on an Old Chevy Truck

The hotly anticipated electric Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be a major player in the pickup truck market in the next few years. The overall shape of the vehicle has already been determined and shown to the public. But, the small specifics regarding the Tesla truck are still being determined and, it seems that Elon Musk, Tesla’s top guy, is taking suggestions.

Tesla electric Cybertruck pickup
Tesla Cybertruck Concept intended for production in 2022 | Tesla

Tesla Cybertruck is still being developed

Although the look of the truck may be determined, small tweaks will be made before production. Mr. Musk has mentioned before that he prefers for concept vehicles to receive improvements before production models reach the streets. Someone took Musk’s comments to heart and sent him a tweet requesting the new electric Cybertruck have an option that an old Chevy pickup had.

The Chevy Avalanche

That Chevy truck was the Avalanche. For those that aren’t familiar with the Avalanche, it was a full-size pickup made on a platform shared with the Silverado, but it had its own dressing. It was available from 2002 through 2013. The first generation of the truck had plastic cladding hung on the lower portion of the truck and a matching plastic cab fairing that was added to the bed. Succeeding generations lost the lower body cladding, but the cab fairing remained. 

A green Chevy Avalanche is viewed from behind
The 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche | General Motors

The Avalanche option suggested for the Cybertruck

There was one option that the Chevy Avalanche had that was a popular feature. It was the pass-through bed, or mid-gate option. That is, the rear cabin wall folded, as did the rear seats. This allowed cargo to be accessible from the cabin, and for longer cargo to be able to fit in beyond the standard bed proportions, like a motorcycle or ATV.

A tweet suggestion from the Twitter account named, Tesla Truck Club, tagged Mr. Musk and asked if a rear-wall, fold-flat option could be made possible for the new electric Cybertruck. Surprisingly quickly, Mr. Musk replied, “Worth Considering.” Here is the original the tweet.

Option has not been repeated

Before anybody gets excited about this option, it is important to note that this function went away with the Avalanche. Chevy has not repeated it in other trucks. This implies that as handy as this feature may be, it may be too costly, or not utilized enough by the consumer, to justify the costs. So, it is probable that Mr. Musk will have Tesla scour any Avalanche data regarding the mid-gate feature before trying to engineer a version for the Cybertruck. 

Here is a video showing the mid-gate option on the Chevy Avalanche. The demonstration begins at about the one minute mark.


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Perfect for camping

The suggestion for the fold-flat rear wall came with the thought that such a feature would be great for camping. Indeed it would. The Tesla concept truck had a glass roof. If one had to sleep in a truck, one with the rear wall folded down, and a glass roof would be ideal for staring up into the stars at night while being protected from the elements. 

The electric Cybertruck will continue to be developed all the way up until production begins. Maybe Mr. Musk is still open to suggestions, or maybe he already had the idea and is instead liking that someone else is giving credence to his own plan. In either case, the fold-flat rear wall idea that was found on Chevy Avalanches is apparently in play. No for or against has been announced yet from either Mr. Musk or Tesla.