Will Anyone Actually Buy the 2021 2-Door Ford Bronco?

With the recent release of the new Ford Bronco, we have been graced with three Bronco options. Bronco admirers will be able to buy a 2-door or 4-door version of this new off-roading SUV, or a Ford Bronco Sport. But will anyone actually buy the 2021 2-door Ford Bronco?

A orange two door 2021 Ford Bronco follows a rutted trail.
2021 Ford Bronco two-door | Ford

The 4-door option seems as if it may offer more flexibility when it comes to passengers and on-the-go door removal. The easy access and roomier rear are more family-friendly. Plus, there are some things the 4-door can do that the 2-door can’t. Sales of the First Edition Ford Bronco went fast, and more 4-door were sold than 2-door. Is this evidence of a trend that will stick?

2-Door vs. 4-door

There are some differences between these two Ford Bronco options. The 2-door Ford Bronco––in every trim––will run a few thousand dollars less expensive than the 4-door Bronco option. Additionally, the 4-door Bronco can provide the maximum open-air experience on the go.

The doors come off and easily stow in the rear cargo. The 2021 2-door Ford Bronco has removable doors. However, they are not designed to stow into the rear so that isn’t a 2-door Bronco option. Still, folks on this Bronco forum seem to think that if you remove a rear seat in the 2-door bronco, it will likely be able to accommodate the doors.

A gray four door bronco is on a dirt road and has its front and mid section tops off.
2021 Bronco with removeable modular roof sections | Ford Motor Company

The 2-door models come standard with a hard top, while the 4-door Broncos are standard with a soft top. Both Ford Bronco options include roof panels designed for removal by one person by unlocking them from the inside, according to Ford Media. The 2-door Bronco is standard with a three-section roof system, while the 4-door option’s standard soft top features a special tilting capability for easy access to the rear cargo.

Preliminary sales stats

According to fellow MotorBiscuit writer, Thom Taylor, the highest level First Edition trim Ford Broncos sold out fast. He also mentioned that over 60% of the reservations sold so far are for 4-door reservations. So, already more buyers are interested in driving a 4-door Bronco than a 2-door Ford Bronco.

overhead shot of interior 2021 Ford Bronco
2021 2-Door Ford Bronco Interior | Ford

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Ford Bronco cargo space

According to Ford, each of the Ford Bronco model options features the same amount of front and rear legroom. However, the cargo space is pretty different between the two. The 2021 Ford Bronco 2-door offers less cargo space than the 4-door Bronco option.

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The 2021 2-door Ford Bronco also seats fewer passengers––4 to the 4-door Bronco’s 5 passenger capacity. The 2-door off-road SUV holds up to 23.6 cubic feet of cargo, or 52.3 cubic feet with the seats down. The 4-door Bronco option accommodates up to 35.6 cubic feet of cargo space and 77.6 with the rear seats folded. It is worth mentioning, though, that if you take the 4-door’s doors off and stow them in the rear cargo, it’s likely to swallow up most of that cargo space if the rear seats are up.

2-door and 4-door 2021 Broncos
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

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Why buy a 2-door?

The 2-door Bronco, while it lacks the ability to stow its doors on the go, has bigger doors for more open-air freedom. It seats fewer and might be classified as less family-friendly. However, it’s an iconic off-road SUV that will likely be a second, more designated vehicle for many buyers. Additionally, there are many buyers out there that have little need for a vehicle that caters to family needs.

The 2021 2-door Ford Bronco SUV stays so true to the DNA of its predecessor with its boxy, wide stance, 2-door form. It also harkens back to its Baja roots. Besides, for a family of 4 it could be the perfect weekend off-roader––despite its smaller size. The 2-door Bronco is like the cooler, possibly more irresponsible but probably more fun younger sibling to its 4-door counterpart.