The Ford Bronco vs. Jeep Wrangler Beef Is Just Beginning

Since Ford officially announced the revival of the Ford Bronco, the comparisons to the also legendary Jeep Wrangler have been endless. Some critics have said that the Wrangler still reigns supreme as the most capable off-roader while others praise the Bronco for its available tech features. No matter whose side you’re on, the Bronco vs. Wrangler beef is just beginning.

Ford’s primary goal is to steal market share from Jeep

Ford has not been shy about its goals to take market share from Jeep with its all-new Bronco lineup. Some of the Bronco’s convenience features were designed primarily to outdo the Wrangler. For example, the Bronco has removable doors, just like the Wrangler does. Although the Bronco has enough cargo space to store all four doors in the back, the Wrangler does not. 

The Bronco also provides an open-air driving experience with an irremovable windshield and without a crossbar in the way. And while the Wrangler has more available powertrains to choose from, the Bronco offers more forceful engines﹣at this point anyway. What’s also pretty cool is that unlike the Wrangler, the Bronco has an electronic Terrain Management System that changes the vehicle’s driving settings for you when it comes to off-roading.

Initial reviews for the Ford Bronco have been positive so far

2-door and 4-door 2021 Broncos
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

As AutoNews reported, initial reviews for the new Ford Bronco lineup have been positive, which is starting to translate into sales. Ford said that reservations for the First Edition Bronco and Bronco Sport models were in full within a day. Critics are cautiously optimistic that the Bronco will deliver on its promises but have noted reservation sales aren’t everything. 

“From both a technical analysis and an emotional reaction perspective, this thing looks like it will have a very good shot at converting existing Jeep owners into Bronco buyers and will certainly convert non-Jeep general enthusiasts of off-roading,” automotive analyst Karl Brauer said. “But having a backlog of interested parties before the vehicle arrives at dealerships isn’t that tough to do. The winners are the ones that have a solid amount of demand six months, 12 months after the cars are available.”


How the new Wrangler is responding to the new Bronco 


The Ford Bronco Delivers What the Jeep Wrangler Can’t

Jeep recently unveiled its 2021 Wrangler to take back attention from the Bronco. For 2021, the Wrangler Rubicon trim will come standard with an Off-Road Plus feature that’s intended to keep the differential engaged at higher speeds. But most of the buzz circling the 2021 Wrangler has to do with the 392-hp V8 Hemi engine.

Jeep fans have been asking for a V8 option on the Wrangler for years now, so this new engine addition is a pretty big deal. However, Jeep hasn’t confirmed if the new V8 will be available on the 2021 Wrangler. At this point, the idea is just a concept. We do know that the new Wrangler will offer impressive 4×4 capability, custom exterior designs, and a powerful eight-speed transmission.